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Alternative Insight presents articles on world issues, with these objectives - original, well-researched, informative, interesting, and still relevant after many years. Written with a unique perspective, the reports are alternatives to conventionally recorded news and opinions that select facts and slant reports in order to advance agendas.

The Alternative Insight thrust attempts to be evolutionary and revolutionary. Articles don't remain isolated, but are arranged as an evolutionary process, with topics remaining relevant and continuing into the future. The revolutionary thrust invites new thinking and departs from accepted notions that are in error, emerge from deliberate conditioning, and become accepted dogma.

Unless otherwise noted, the editor, Dan Lieberman, has written the articles for the Alternative Insight website and those linked to other web sites. These articles have been read in more than 150 nations, while articles written for other web sites have appeared or been linked in online journals throughout the world (B 92, Al Jazeera, Gulf News, Huffing ton Post, Silo breaker, World News, Times of India, Al Arab Online,The Hindu, Indymedia, Occupation Magazine, Pravda, Scoop, Emirates Tribune, Gulf times, Colleague Times, Al-ashram weekly, Journal of Turkish Weekly, Middle East online, Daily news-ECU, Dissident Voice, Care News Network, Lebanon wire, Slash news, and many others), and include translations into French, German and Spanish.

Articles have served as teaching resources in several universities, including Howard, Stanford, Northwestern Law School, Emerson College, U. of Texas, and in public school courses. References and excerpts have appeared in several academic and conference papers. Several articles have become Internet classics, each attracting about thousand readers annually, even ten years after publication (Origins of Soviet-Afghan War, Origins of Korean War, Health as a Socio-economic Problem, Failures of US Foreign Policies, Reparations for African-Americans, and others).

Article preparation proceeds from gathering relevant facts - some of which are fresh and not well known - from several sources, and combining the facts with original thought and logic to gain fresh insight to a current issue. The articles are not intended to be opinions or editorials. They attempt to be original, extensively cover an issue, and have a long shelf life so they can still be read in future years and not be entirely outdated. Contacts with first-hand observers by travel, meetings with journalists and scholars, and attendance at relevant conferences and debates are used to gather information for the articles. Media, library, archive and Internet research complement the fact-gathering process.

Dan Lieberman, editor of Alternative Insight, has a BS in Mathematics, an MS in Electrical Engineering, and other graduate studies in Business Administration. From being involved in anti-war causes and alternative politics, he developed perspectives on world problems. While serving on the Executive Committee of a Third Party, he gained extensive knowledge of political situations. Dan has written four non-fiction books, A THIRD PARTY CAN SUCCEED IN AMERICA, Not Until They Were Gone, Think Tanks of DC, and The Artistry Of A Dog, and one novel, The Victory, wriiten with the pen name, David L. McWellan. He has also written several full length plays.