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Grassroots Politics and Economic Democracy
Dan Lieberman
Altinst Books, March 2012, Trade Paperback,193 pages

This is a story that must be told - of a relatively small group of intrepid people who organized the first grassroots political Party, which ran candidates in two presidential races and existed from 1979-1985 - a formidable accomplishment. The book relates the history of the CITIZENS PARTY, an alternative and progressive Party that promoted the concepts of grassroots politics and economic democracy. Describing formation, growth, and demise of the well-organized Citizens Party adds extensive knowledge to the workings of the political system. Personal struggles add high drama, complete with intrigue, loss, and heroism - a political thriller of challenge and survival. Because history does not get lost but repeats, perhaps the near future will reawaken an interest in the Party's organization, concepts and programs. The Citizens Party left a legacy that demands study, analysis, and entry into political thought. Anyone interested in learning third Party dynamics should start here.

Dan Lieberman served on the Citizens Party National Committee. In that capacity, he gained knowledge of operations, participated in decisions, attended important meetings, and maintained relevant documents. As editor of Alternative Insight, an online commentary on politics, foreign policy, domestic policy and media, his articles have been read in more than 150 nations, and those written for other websites have either appeared or been linked in online journals throughout the world. Many serve as teaching resources in universities, and several are Internet classics, attracting thousands of readers annually, years after publication.

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Chapter 1 - Party Formation

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