War on Iraq

From Baghdad to Oblivion

The United States is a troubled nationalist and militarist land. Its administration's fabricated stories, deceptions, and blatant falsehoods are easily refuted, and yet accepted by the mainstream population. Horrific actions and propaganda are creating a national trauma, polarizing Americans and damaging their psyche and country's Constitution.

Iraqis have more than a damaged psyche. The cradle of civilization's moral, cultural, social and physical contributions to the Western world, are being destroyed. The memories that refreshed visions are being lost. The loss of these memories predicts a more empty future.

A series of reports examine the war against Iraq.

Target Iraq

The principal reason for disposing the Iraqi leader--keep impotent the Arab world's most potent country.

Preparation for War
The U.S. demand for Iraq's disarmament seems to have been a ruse to facilitate an attack.

The Military Offensive
The U.S. military thrust is destroying Iraqi opposition and preserving infrastructure that serves U.S. post-war interests.

Rationalizing the Attack
The guided missiles knew the route to Baghdad. President Bush has not adequately explained why he sent them there.


Saddam Hussein stumbled and fumbled and betrayed his people into catastrophes.

The Mask of Patriotism
True patriotism demands that government policies are guided by truth and reason.

Media Incompetence
The conventional media wrote a fictional drama that disguised the realities of the war.

Transfer of Wealth
Are Iraq's oil wealth and international assets being transferred to finance American industry's "reconstruction" of a destroyed Iraq?

The administration steered the American people into surrendering to its dictates.

Reshaping the World Order
The U.S. intends to continue to use its power to determine the world's fate.

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