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New Direction for Resolving the Middle East Crisis

Dr. Mazin Quimseyeh, one of the most respected and self-sacrificing Palestinian activists who fights relentlessly for human rights, has posed a question: "What would YOU advise us Palestinians (incl. leaders) to do?"

The direct answer is that only those directly affected by the onslaught know how they can contest oppression and are able to evaluate the punishment they can sustain. The troubling answer is that, from an external perspective, there is little the Palestinians can do without finding themselves riddled with bullets. Provoking the Palestinians into retaliation has been Israel's strategy since day "0." By carefully designed tactics, Israel has converted Palestinians who were complacent, cooperative, and secular into being discontented, revengeful, and religiously extreme. The complacent can be subdued but remain. The revengeful must be defeated until their villages are destroyed, their memories erased, and their presence eclipsed.

Israel's oppressive tactics are proportional to the defensive tactics displayed by the Palestinians -- more Palestinian defense triggers more Israeli offense. Palestinians can remain passive and be slowly destroyed or act aggressive and be more quickly destroyed. Israel has arranged the oppression so that Palestinians have two choices, either to follow Israel's directives and be reduced to an eventual bare subsistence or be incarcerated and eventually decimated. Most defenseless Palestinians will choose to live sparingly rather then not live at all.

Oppression of the Palestinians has moved beyond a cause for the Palestinians and emergency measures to relieve their plight. Countering the severe persecution is an international cause that considers the dangers to all peoples from Israel's posture -- breeding terrorism, nurturing continuous conflagrations in the Middle East, and enhancing the possibility of a nuclear war.

Seemingly innocent statements, such as made by Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely in an interview on the Knesset Channel, that her "dream is to see the Israel flag flying over the Temple Mount, this is the holiest place for the Jewish people," are planned to provoke Muslim nations and let the world know that, contrary to Netanyahu's' rebuttal, Israel has surrounded the Haram al-Sharif and its status under Jordan's Waqf control will soon be challenged. Appropriate reaction to the challenge will prompt violent reprisals, which will spread and cause vast areas of destruction. Is the world to suffer because a relatively few religious fanatics among the world's seven billion people want to satisfy their chaotic urgings and mark their place?

Organizations arguing and fighting for Palestinian rights soothe Palestinian wounds, but the deteriorating situation cannot be halted without a unified and international movement that is dedicated to modifying foreign policies of western nations on behalf of the citizens of these nations, which means subduing Israel's ultra-nationalist aspirations and militarist activities. In the western world, only relatively small populations are aware of or sensitized to the crises afflicting others - -Palestinian, Kurd, Assyrian Christian, and Bahrain Shi'a. Without feeling the impact of a foreign oppression on others, citizens are unmoved to petition their governments to halt the oppressions. Magnitudes more emphasis must be placed in demonstrating the threats posed by Israel's policies upon the peace and stability of all world's peoples; this is the principal mechanism for successfully resolving the Middle East crisis.

For Americans, the Palestinian crisis is unique; it is the only crisis in which their nation actively supports the territorial expansion of another country and its destruction of an indigenous people. When Americans have their conscience and sleep disturbed by the realization they are participating in actions that destroy others, and that these actions will adversely affect their economic and social lives, they will proceed to move their government to defend them. To accomplish that task, the modeled and spurious portrayals of Israel as the leading democracy in the Middle East, as the rebirth of a near vanquished Jewish people, and as a victimized nation defending itself against powerful enemies must be personally shattered; a difficult effort for those who have had their minds shaped by decades of subtle indoctrination.

The burning issue evolves into:
(1) What is lacking in explaining to the world the seriousness of Israel's actions?
(2) How can a complacent world become more aware of the dangers to themselves posed by the Israel challenge?
(3) How can organizations be formed that will successfully counter the propaganda mechanisms that allow Israel to proceed unimpeded, and
(4) How can governments and institutions be forced to change positions that are assisting Israel in its illegal and unlawful actions?

The first observation is that Israel is not a complete state and uses its incompleteness to its own advantage.

If Israel is not a complete state, what defines the area it occupies?
As of now, Israel can be perceived as having a form of rule that advances a privileged ethnicity by exploitation and oppression -- for want of a better word, call it a national kleptocracy. From its actions, the Israel government gives the impression of housing elements of the criminally inclined. Here are just a small portion of examples that are well known and cannot be contradicted.

Land, bank accounts, small factories and material goods have been seized from the Palestinians and never been returned. More than 400 Palestinian villages, intentionally destroyed by Israeli governments, remain as rubble in barren fields. Under a spurious "Absentee Property Law," Israel seized innumerable Palestinian homes, made its occupants destitute, and gave the housing to its "right of return" immigrants. Competition from Palestinians in production of competitive goods, such as olives, minerals from rock quarries, and agriculture has been suppressed with Palestinian resources destroyed and water diverted. The tourist industry, especially in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, has been manipulated to prefer Israeli business interests. Records and legacy of previous generations that inhabited the land have been intentionally destroyed. Palestinians have been killed, imprisoned and threatened only because they contested the illegal actions. Israel's intelligence agencies have engaged in assassinations of adversaries, both belligerent and innocent. Its elected leaders have been involved in assassinations, such as the killing of Swedish diplomat Count Folke Bernadotte in 1948. Treating that criminal action as a daily affair, Zvi Zameret, a former official of Israel's education ministry, published an op-ed in Makor Rishon, Sheldon Adelson's pro-settler newspaper, implying that present Swedish diplomat, Margot Wallström, deserved the same fate as Count Folke Bernadotte. He wrote that "I am certain that her [Margot Wallström] intentions will be defeated, just as were those of the disreputable Count Bernadotte." All these illegal actions continued in year 2016.

In addition, although occurring much less after the first decade of 2000, the Israel government has allowed excessive money laundering, given citizenship to individuals labeled criminals in other nations, and has had an inordinate proportion of its citizens involved in the drug trade. This news seldom appears in U.S. media.

Blue, White and White, Israel Becomes Major Hub in International Cocaine Trade, by Yaniv Kubovich Oct 19, 2013.
It should be noted that Israel has a "star role" in the World Drug Report for 2013 issued by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and released last June.

Israel Seen as Paradise for Money Laundering, by William A. Orme Jr, February 21, 2000.

Israel Plays Key Role in N.J. Corruption Case, But Holds Off on Own Probe, by Nathan Jeffay, July 29, 2009.

Israelis at Center of Ecstasy Drug Trade, by Nathan Guttman, Apr 06, 2003.
In recent years, organized crime in Israel, some with links to criminal organizations in Russia, have come to control the distribution of the drug in Europe, according to a Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs document,

A possible description for Israel is derived from the actions of the Zionists who formed the state. The characterization is not meant to be absolute but only to stimulate a thought; does Israel represent this type of portrayal? Robert Paxton, in "The Anatomy of Fascism," outlines his concept of the extreme ideological system.

Fascism rested not upon the truth of its doctrine but upon the leader's mystical union with the historic destiny of his people, a notion related to romanticist ideas of national historic flowering and of individual artistic or spiritual genius, though fascism otherwise denied romanticism's exaltation of unfettered personal creativity. The fascist leader wanted to bring his people into a higher realm of politics that they would experience sensually the warmth of belonging to a race now fully aware of its identity, historic destiny, and power; the excitement of participating in a wave of shared feelings, and of sacrificing one's petty concerns for the group's good; and the thrill of domination.

Other serious conditions for world engagement exist.
A moral duty to protect the Palestinian people is obvious. The continuous encroachment on their lands, livelihoods and security is a necessary and sufficient condition for galvanizing a world into action against the constant oppression. Greater danger has become apparent -- endless war until the explosion that ends all. Israel's leaders have often spoken of war for decades, nice of them. Wherever Israel goes, it will find enemies, whom Israel will silence before borders are moved for "security reasons." One day Israel will face a massive and strengthened foe that cannot be easily defeated. The foe could be Iran's 75 million and growing population, which inhabits a vast and well-protected area, serves an autocratic government, and is prepared to draw the line that challenges Israel. That Iran can only be defeated by weapons of mass destruction, by nuclear bombs that obliterate large segments of its nation. No doubt, when a Middle East antagonist faces extinction, and that will happen, that nation will use the nuclear alternative.

To delay the day and prepare for it, Israel advances the subduing of any nation that might challenge it. Despite the absence of a "smoking gun," it cannot be a coincidence that Hussein's Iraq and Ghadaffi's Libya have been destroyed and Assad's Syria is under a similar attack. None of the actions against these leaders significantly benefited the U.S. and western nations, but they have had enormous benefits to Israel. The same goes for the Middle East turmoil and the Sunni/Shi'a divide -- it is in Israel's interests to constantly provoke and support the continuation of all conflagrations in the Middle East. In none of these does Israel provide a solution; in all of them Israel is a problem.

Most baffling is the attitude of Israel's greatest supporters,
The Religious Right in the United States, Zionist Jews, and the U.S. Congress do not realize they are harming those they claim to defend.

A supposedly Christian organization has shown more support for Israel than has Prime Minister Netanyahu. Evidently, this "Christian" organization is not aware that, due to Israel's policies, Christians in large numbers have been forced to leave what they consider their Holy Land, Christian religious sites are being defiled and subordinated, and Christian influence in the area is being reduced to nil.

The ardent Zionist supporters of Israel have intensified antagonisms toward Jews throughout the world, have made them perceived as disloyal to the nations of which they are citizens, and have situated them so they are more vulnerable to attack. Zionism is to Jews what all extreme ideologies are to ethnic minorities; shaping them with unique and superior identity, presenting their followers as being victims and outcasts in a an envious world while isolating them, forcing them to aggressively engage others, and leading them to eventual catastrophe.

The U.S. Congress reinforces a nation that acquires military capability to challenge the U.S. in the Middle East and influence the U.S. government to follow its directives. Overlooked and underplayed is Israel's' role in spreading international terrorism. Severe subjugation of the Palestinian people has led to their despair, hopelessness and desperation. From these conditions emerge radicalization and in many cases acts of revenge and retribution associated with terrorism.

Oppression of the Palestinians is high on the list of ISIS' grievances against the western world. Due to a world that is complacent to their suffering, Palestinians are now being attracted to al-Qaeda and ISIS. Only a relatively few persons have become members of these terrorist groups, but it only takes a few to commit many violent acts. Whether it is planned or accidental, radicalization of the Palestinian community serves Israel's interests. Fortress Israel is well protected against severe terrorist attacks and links of Palestinians to terrorism, especially to ISIS, benefit Israel. Europe and, to a lesser degree, the United States are not as immune to ISIS attacks, and their citizens suffer the calamities provoked by Israel's policies. Examine this carefully and it appears incomprehensible; why would legislators sell their souls to increase election chances when they are placing their constituencies in jeopardy and participating in genocide of the Palestinian people? Why would anyone support these legislators? Something is so drastically wrong that making it correct seems natural. The U.S. Congress has not served its own people well, and it's time to shove that knowledge into the minds and hearts of the American people and those throughout the western word.

The question answers itself: "How can a complacent world remain unaware of the dangers to themselves posed by Israel's extreme efforts?"

Israel cannot be defeated internally by armed resistance or externally by war. However, those desiring peace in the Middle East and justice for the Palestinians are not asking that Israel be totally defeated and succumb to the dictates of a victor. They are asking that Israel change its policies, become a peace loving nation and realize its obligations to the Palestinians and the world community. And the peaceniks are not, as Israel propagandists want the world to believe, denying the state of Israel. That is being done by an Israel that does not define its borders, does not have a constitution, and defies UN Resolutions. Israel needs a complete makeover, which apparently can only occur by refusing Israel the resources that fuel its aggressive attitude.

States have a culture and approach that includes compromising through diplomacy and recognizing that self-interest has its limitations and cannot aggressively clash with the interests of others. A self-absorbed enterprise has a psychological bent that eschews any interference, believes in its own destiny, proceeds without compromise, and uses all power to achieve ends. Noting the weapons used and wanton killings that Israel has been guilty of in Lebanon and Gaza, the use of nuclear weapons in a conflict, which wipes out the adversary, does not endanger Israel's population, and will solve Israel's objectives, is highly probable. Supporting Israel in its deliberate drive to expand and control is a sure route to eventual disaster. Because people might gamble with money but few will gamble with their lives, it is imperative to impress on the public that they are being placed in a situation that may envelop them in fallout from a nuclear holocaust. An intensive and well financed campaign of words and challenges that expose the counterproductive actions of the Religious Right, Israel's supporters, and the U.S. Congress can have a great effect. People do not remain dumb when it is more in their interest to become aware, smart and remain alive.

Israel mainly succeeds in its endeavors because it has a worldwide contingent of dedicated loyalists who obey a quasi central authority, follow the same line and have the same focus -- advance Israel's interests. Their actions are efficient and carefully guided by a prepared agenda -- when Israel attacks bring in the Holocaust; when Israel is revenged, bring in terrorism and/or anti-Semitism.

Individuals and organizations that counter Israel operate independently and without a unified focus. They have insufficient funds to convince audiences of Israel's treachery. Most of the audiences are already educated in the situation but powerless to use the information for decisive action. Many organizations duplicate each other's thrust and followers, dissipate effectiveness, and behave in competition. All serve a valuable purpose, have a place in the discussion, and succeed in letting everyone know they are not alone; that there is a movement to right the situation and their efforts are noticed. However, the efforts are miniscule compared to what is needed and the result is obvious -- Israel's continuous occupation and increased expansion; a trajectory toward absolute destruction of the Palestinian community and endless violence in the Middle East. The catastrophic situation demands a fresh and more unified approach to STOP ASSISTING ISRAEL AGGRESSION and OPPRESSION.

Senator Bernie Sander's success in energizing a mass of the population, which previously refused to recognize the words Bernie speaks and the policies he advocates, has shown that a unified voice can awaken a dormant electorate. The STOP ASSISTING ISRAEL AGGRESSION and OPPRESSION movement needs several worldwide organizations, which are dedicated to informing citizens of the detrimental effects of Israel's policies on their lives, which means reshaping information about the crisis and policies concerning the Middle East, and constituting to counter the propaganda that misshapes policies. The numbers are there; those who vehemently disapprove Israel's policies far outnumber its adherents -- probably by a factor of 10:1, billions of people from Indonesia to Canada, compared to hundreds of millions from Israel to the United States. So, what's the problem and where are they?

One problem is that the pro-Israel contingent follows the Trump philosophy -- bludgeon the opponent with made up stories, deceit and invectives. Talk with those who favor Israel and find the most rabid of them shout, scream and prevent rebuttals. If their ugly behavior does not silence critics, they resort to the ultra-low technique of labeling their antagonist as an anti-Semite. Use of anti-Semitism to silence opponents and constant reference to the World War II holocaust to promote Israel are essentials to Israel's strategy of confuse and conquer. Contradicting history with references to biblical literature in order to convince an unknowing world that Jews have returned to their ancient land and retrieved a stolen possession is another dishonest measure. Historians, archaeologists, and geneticists have shown that contemporary world Jewry has no direct ties to the ancient Hebrews, the Hebrews did not exercise much control in the area in which they wandered, and, similar to other tribes, they became extinguished by merging into other civilizations. The Jewish persona and Judaism emerged more fully in Mesopotamia and spread throughout the world. All of this has been summarized in previous articles: Return of the Israelites, The Jewish Caliphate, and The War of Narratives.

A thinking person does not need the historical narrative or archaeological diggings to demonstrate the speciousness of the claim of a Hebrew empire; just note that no major museum displays any validated documents in old Hebrew or prominent artifacts from an ancient Israel. There are no appearances or historical references to monuments, buildings, weapons, vessels, artwork, roads, tools, ceramics, earthenware, which define a people or civilization; nothing more than some seals and coins for commerce, which can be provided by local authorities.

Besides, people of today have almost no relation to those from 4000 years ago. All elements that form conscience are different -- experiences are different, behavior is different, environment is different. Are Italians the same as ancient Romans? Are modern Egyptians the same as the dynastic Egyptians? DNA is not the complete story; we all have the same number of genes, but they are turned on and off in reaction to the environment. A Jewish person from Europe has much, much less similarity to an ancient Hebrew than a Palestinian who has lived for decades in a similar environment to that of the ancient tribes.

A statement by Jack Gleeson, one of the actors in the popular television drama Game of Thrones, demonstrates the absurdity to which the subtle brainwashing reaches. The 19-year-old actor, who plays the boy king, Joffrey Baratheon, in the medieval drama, has been quoted that "After 'Game Of Thrones' I'd be happy to do some amateur plays but I don't think I want to do any more professional acting. I'd like to be an academic, a philosophy lecturer if possible. I'd do a Masters in Ancient Hebrew maybe, and a PhD hopefully, if I get in."

A PhD in ancient Hebrew! Being as there are only about four small writings of a debatable ancient Hebrew script, what can be studied in ancient Hebrew for more than one day? In an article, The Oldest Hebrew Script and Language, which summarizes work by epigraphy scholar Christopher Rollston, Associate Professor of Northwest Semitic Languages and Literatures at George Washington University, Rollston contends that all the Old Hebrew discoveries are debatable and more likely use Phoenician script.

Michael Handelzalts, Haaretz, Aug 04, 2013 at,
writes that "Modern Hebrew writing isn't really based on ancient Hebrew letters at all, and it's because of the exile in Babylon. About the end of the sixth century BCE, the Hebrew language discarded the ancient Hebrew letters and adopted Aramaic ones. This dramatic act is documented in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah in the Bible and commented on in the Talmud and in Greek sources. Perhaps the alphabet that the Hebrew language uses today, which is in fact Aramaic, should really be called Jewish."

A simplified and accepted language tree, from describes Old Hebrew becoming archaic and Modern Hebrew being derived from Aramaic script. Israel's Museum of the Lands of the Bible has a more certified alphabet tree but for legal reasons cannot be reproduced. It shows proto-Canaanite as the mother alphabet and script for the western languages. Both early Hebrew (the museum uses early rather then old) and Phoenician are derived from Canaanite and both disappear with early Hebrew evolving into Samaritan. Rather than a Modern Hebrew being derived from Aramaic, the museum chart describes a Jewish language as a derivative of West Aramaic script and New Hebrew derived from the Jewish language.

The popular mindset has accepted the spurious descriptions of the Hebrew tribes and their place in history, which has led to acceptance of a false attachment of modern Jewry and Israel to an ancient homeland. Keeping historical knowledge to academic books and libraries serves only academics. Releasing this knowledge elevates thought processes and places in perspective the Zionist mission. which is a venture replacing a Jewish redemption, similar to a Massachusetts Bay Colony, which expanded and expanded until it liquidated the Native American presence, replacing a Puritan experience.

Today's Jews around the world may have some common ties and characteristics, but Israelis have little relation with these Jews or past Jews; Israelis are a new people, Israeli Jews, who are a product of conditioning by the administration that rules them. They have a new language, a new history, and a new conscience, a virulent nationalism and militarist spirit that had been alien to the dispersed Jews throughout their history.

Way back in 1876, George Eliot penned a confusing book, Daniel Deronda, which has a controversial sub-plot -- an idealistic and aristocratic hero finds compatibility with the London Jewish community and becomes a supporter of early Zionism. Due to its dual and confusing plot, George Eliot's book was not well received. Nevertheless, the almost 150 year-old novel has been made into three films, two television programs and been adapted for the stage. The Zionists started the brainwashing early and have not stopped one day since that time.

Noting that use of questionable techniques to defend a position is a clear indication that the position is indefensible, acceptable strategies can be devised to counter the techniques that enable Israel's occupation of the international mindset. Not correcting the spurious arguments that create a facade for the construction of Israel has been the greatest failure of those who want a just solution to the Middle East crisis. It is time to place a discussion of ancient Levant history at the top in the agenda of the new direction for resolving the Middle East crisis and make certain that schools of lower and higher education do not replace authentic history with biblical stories, and they do.

Page 14 of the NYSTROM Atlas of World History, used in Middle Schools, quotes the Hebrew Bible (Tanach) with "unconfirmed history." Locating the Hebrews between the pages of the Akkadians and Egyptians, the biblical reference starts from Sumeria with Abraham and has the Hebrews wander for 500 years until reaching Canaan from Egypt and establishing kingdoms, none of which are defined or mentioned to have accomplished anything -- non-historical speculation leading to non historical definition .

Start with the constant exploitation of the World War II holocaust.
The extent to which Israeli propaganda operates by continuous exploitation of the World War II holocaust to gain sympathy is well known, but the depths of the manipulations are subtly hidden. A February 2016 Public Broadcasting System (PBS) program, Nova's Memory Hackers interviewed Dr. Eric R. Kandel, one of several neuroscientists who appeared on the program. When Dr. Kandel, who was born in Vienna, Austria, spoke, a flashback to the 1938 Kristallnacht with storm troopers appeared on the screen and commentary on Dr. Kandel's leaving his home after the Nazi annexation of Austria was detailed. What did this have to do with the Memory Hacker program? Nothing. Should not PBS be criticized for this lack of judgment?

In the cinema listings of the February edition of Diplomat, a Washington D.C. journal that presents embassy news, 32 out of 56 posted films were related to the World War II holocaust, Israel, or Jewish themes. This was partly due to Washington's Jewish Community Center (JCC) featuring some of the films but most appeared in other theaters. During the same month, the Washington D.C. Palestine Center had films each week on the Palestinian experience but not one of the films was listed in the Diplomat. This may be due to the failure of the Palestine Center to take advantage of the free advertising, but it shows the intensity with which Israel's followers behave in the interests of Israel.

Public education, media, cinema, theater, music, wherever lives meet word or sound, the World War II holocaust, after almost 80 years, is continually highlighted. The Holocaust has an essential place in history but not a unique place that dilutes the intensity and awareness of other genocides. Israel has identified itself with the death of others to give it sustenance and life. This disregard for the sanctity of the perished and the use of their sacrifices to promote an ideology warrants a response and that response, which reveals a notorious use of the World War II holocaust, contradicts the reasons for Israel's existence.

The often quoted phrases that "Israel is built on the legacy of the Holocaust," and "the Palestinians have been made to suffer because of the crimes of the Europeans against the Jews" are spurious and should be countered. Hearing these contrived remarks from pro-Palestinian activists, as I have heard, indicates the effectiveness of this purposeful misinformation. .

The plans for creating Israel occurred long before awareness of the Holocaust and independent of the World War II catastrophe.
The Zionist mission to subdue the native population and create a unique state for its adherents began decades before World War II. After the 1917 Balfour Declaration declared that "His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people," the Zionist Organization submitted a proposal to the Paris Peace conference, which showed a greater Israel from slightly west of Amman, Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea and from slightly south of Beirut, Lebanon to the Egyptian border in the Sinai peninsula. The shown map of the Zionist position can be found at

Nor has it been proven that the UN Partition Plan, Resolution 181, gained approval due to sympathy with the European Jews. It can also be shown that the Soviet Union and its satellites voted for the plan in the expectation that the new nation would favor socialist ideals and side with them in UN debates. President Truman's catering to a Jewish electorate in his bid for the presidency by declaring support for the Partition Plan, and leaders of Central and South American countries, whose votes were decisive in enabling the Resolution, being influenced by their northern patron, were more important considerations than a moral obligation. Even if there were no Holocaust or UN Resolution 181, the Zionists would have proceeded until they succeeded in their plans and probably with more aggression.

The frightful Holocaust is used to play on the fears of Israeli children. They suffer from an educational system, which instills in them that the past Holocaust means fear of a future Holocaust from which they must protect themselves. In the disguise of being educated to survive, Israelis are being trained to be fearful, alienated, suspicious and careful of the others. They are not being trained to live but are being trained to make themselves ready to kill. Education of Israel's children has a similar mind setting construction to that which has characterized totalitarian systems. Here is what the new Israel generation favors:

Forward, March 8, 2016, by Naomi Zeveloff
"Almost half of all Israeli Jews are in favor of transferring or expelling the state's Arab population, a major U.S. survey of Israeli public opinion has found."

If the sacrifices of its victims remain in proper perspective, the lessons of the World War II holocaust will not be forgotten. They will be forgotten if their sacrifice is transformed into a commodity for advertising and sale, whose excessive attention distracts from the principal World War II history and warnings and drives people to ask the question, "Why are we repeatedly being told this?"

Charge of anti-Semitism is another weapon to silence Israel's critics.
I noticed the start of this campaign during the 1980's when a Rabbi from Boston, Massachusetts showed up in Maryland, and was allowed to interrupt a course in biblical archaeology at a Jewish Community Center and lecture on the subject, "Is anti-Zionism actually anti -Semitism?" No student knew who he was, where he came from, or why he was allowed to interrupt and talk to a captured audience.

One of the worst charges of anti-Semitism was an accusation made against President Obama by Netanyahu's spokesman, Ran Baratz. Haaretz newspaper's Barak Ravid reports on Nov 05, 2015.

Allow me to be harsh, contrary to my moderate habits," Baratz wrote in the March 3 post. "Obama's reference to Netanyahu's speech -- this is what modern anti-Semitism looks like in Western and liberal countries. And it comes, of course, alongside much tolerance and understanding toward Islamic anti-Semitism. So much tolerance and understanding that they are willing to give [Iran] an atom[ic bomb].

Combating the erroneous charges demands a huge legal defense fund for those unlawfully accused. Applying a new definition to the words will also be helpful. The former can be effective by aiding those who have either been silenced or lost their positions in educational institutes, media and industry because they have spoken against Zionism and Israel. It is a difficult operation, which if not done correctly can be counterproductive but it is not blue sky. People have actually won law suits in defense of unfair accusations of anti-Semitism.

Charges of bigotry backfire, by George Lane, Denver Post, April 29, 2000.

An Evergreen couple accused publicly of being anti-Semitic won a $10.5 million damage award from a federal jury Friday in a defamation lawsuit against the Anti-Defamation League.
The ADL accused William and Dorothy Quigley at a 1994 news conference of perpetrating the worst anti-Semitic incident in the area since the slaying of Jewish talk-show host Alan Berg 10 years earlier.
They were accused of launching "Operation Aronson," an effort to run their Jewish neighbors out of town, and threatening to commit acts such as painting oven doors on their neighbors' home.
The jury found that the statements at the news conference, and on talk radio, were defamatory and "not substantially true."

If they could do it, so can thousands of others and with those victories, charges of anti-Semitism used to silence Israel's critics will be subdued.

Anti-Semitism is not only misapplied; it is not defined correctly. In a previous article, Emergence of the Real Israel, the writer fancied a more correct characterization, which leads to a more widespread and valuable application.

Arabs are also Semites and suffer magnitudes more discrimination and serious attacks than Jewish Semites. In order not to have any group monopolize the term anti-Semitism it is preferable to use the term with more correct meanings.
Anti-SemitismA refers to discrimination against Arab Semites from non-Arabs.
Anti-SemitismAA refers to discrimination against Arab Semites from other Arabs, of which there is plenty.
Anti-SemitismJ refers to discrimination against Jewish Semites from non-Jews.
Anti-SemitismJJ refers to discrimination against Jewish Semites from other Jews, of which there is plenty.

A simple rewriting of the word, such as using anti-SemitismA (discrimination against Arab Semites from non-Arabs) when appropriate, can reshape a new generation's minds, and apply a more honest characterization to the word anti-Semite.

Pernicious statements are purposely inserted in arguments to confuse the issue.
One pernicious statement, which must be refuted, is that there are "Two nationalities fighting for the same land." It should be rephrased that "a composition of individuals coming from various parts of the world has seized land owned by indigenous people who show title, have nourished the land for generations, and are defending themselves against the illegal intrusion."

Another pernicious statement, which must be refuted, is that "the two sides have been fighting the same war for 5000 years." The two sides have scarcely known one another until about 150 years ago when the foreign Zionists arrived in Palestine and ignited the battle.

In addition, let us not permit Israel's conflicts with Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran confuse the issue. These are separate quarrels that should be treated separately. If there were no Hamas, no Hezbollah, and no Iran, Israel would still be occupying the Golan Heights, Jordan valley and oppressing the Palestinians, except there would be Israeli settlements in Lebanon up to the Litani River, in Gaza, and probably most of the Sinai Peninsula.

Enough of the background and pointed reasons for alarm. What can be done?
If articles, books, appeals, rhetoric, demonstrations, and myriads of organizations sympathetic to the Palestinian cause -- decades of products dedicated to turning the tide against Israeli oppression -- have not succeeded by now, then those paths to success are not likely possible. Go back two decades and recall that demonstrations in Washington, D.C. for Palestinian rights covered the broad avenues with tens of thousands of participants. A similar march on March 20, 2016, which featured a demonstration against the AIPAC 2016 convention, attracted only about 1000 people. Although the oppression has become worse and is approaching a catastrophic level, the numbers willing to fight aggressively for Palestinian rights are dwindling.

A side attraction to the demonstration exposed the manipulative manner of the Israeli system; several well dressed and personal Israelis appeared from nowhere, worked the crowd at the Convention entrance, and debated the demonstrators as if they understood and sympathized with the Palestinians, but after all, "the Palestinians have started it all and are not really a people." Those debating these infiltrators did not seem to realize that these Israelis were only trying to obtain information, note what the other side thought so Israelis can form suitable rebuttals, and serve as a safety valve, draining energy from the crowd, and making believe there were Israelis who were willing to listen and cooperate.

A new path, with new organizations that neither complement existing organizations nor exist apart from them, but operate in an entirely different manner, which work to salvage the last flickering hope of saving a world from expected devastation, is needed. Because of the difficulties, complications, and complexities in forming organizations of this type, the following is only a hypothetical guide. These organizations are not for the faint hearted; they will be continually forced to explain themselves, combat legal challenges, and make sure they do not violate lobbyist laws. If they succeed, the other organizations succeed, if they fail, all is lost. Despite the challenges, considering the need for these organizations, some groups may find a way and accomplish the formation. This way will not be directed at Israel; Israel is its own problem and its citizens and foes must handle that situation. The argument of these organizations is with those who assist Israel in its illegal, unlawful, discriminatory, and oppressive activities, its human rights violations, and preparations for endless wars -- governments, institutions, religious groups, and lobbies. They will learn to understand that

Assuredly, pro-Israel groups will more and more convince an unwary public that defending Palestinian rights is related to supporting Hamas, Iran, and Hezbollah, and pro-Palestinian groups will be severely attacked. Changing the perspective from helping Palestinians to helping citizens throughout the world will change the battleground, change the players and change the direction.

As one example, the Religious Right, which Netanyahu carefully nurtured, will be challenged for its anti-Christian policies that promote the decline of Christianity in the Holy Land, and for its anti-SemiticJ rhetoric that speak of the Rapture and Armageddon in the Valley of Jezreel at Megiddo in Israel. At this final battle, "Jesus Christ will lead a heavenly army to victory over God's enemies," destroying the Jewish experience and converting all Jews to Christianity.

Zionists will be revealed as not representing the Jewish people and guilty of anti-SemitismJJ by leading the Jews to an ultimate destruction both in spiritual values and physical presence. Israel has not incorporated contemporary Jews into a nation; it has created a new Jew, the Israeli Jew, which has only a vague relation to world Jewry and Judaism.

The organization's thrust will be to reveal the errors in U.S. foreign policy, expose the manipulations that steer those policies, educate the public toward a new direction, and influence government to change direction, with emphasis on the Middle East policies. It may be preferable to start with an already well established organization that can revise its charter to become a larger organization with a central focus in the U.S. capital city, and has capacity to gather and disburse funds for operations. Subsidiary but independent associations throughout the world will coordinate activities with the central organization.

The new organizations serve as a liberating force, freeing all from the misinformation that steers them to awkward thinking, to accepting the genocide of the Palestinian people as an everyday occurrence, and to being captured by a tyranny that shapes their lives in service of others rather than advancing their own nations. Re-evaluating dual citizenship, investigating Israeli immigration into key congressional districts, combating illegal operations by AIPAC, Anti-Defamation League and other pro-Israel organizations, challenging those doing business with and locating in Israel, exposing the grants by set-up organizations to Israelis who arrive at foreign shores from dubious think tanks, gain credentials, infiltrate institutions and universities and ensure "balanced" activity so that nothing happens, are only a few of the multitude of actions for moving the U.S. government to assist its citizens and not Israel's interests. If everyone is positive, the mounting criticism against the unusual support enjoyed by Israel will reach a threshold or break point that overcomes those who give Israel their undivided support. The complacent who note the bandwagon will come forth and give expression to the endeavor. No need to storm the barricades, just knock harder with a stronger fist at the closed doors.

april, 2016