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The Unholy Trinity

An Unholy Trinity has coalesced on the American political scene with intent to wrest control of United States foreign and domestic policies. Consisting of the Religious Right, the Tea Party and a new web based organization, America Speaking Out, this Unholy Trinity receives holy support from a multitude of congressional Republicans, made up for television commentators, and personalities who foresee an easy buck from a confused part of the electorate.

The Religious Right assumes their Lord will help to solve the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, will resolve the unemployment situation and the economic crisis, issues which their Lord has evidently visited upon us and has never shown any inclination to reconcile. Extreme religious leaders proclaim the need for Dominionism, political participation that attempts to dominate the political process and avoid a loss of choices. From conception to death, a soulless government denies them their choices. They are pushed to fight for stability, for freedom, for their social conservatism, and for the issues that define their existence. Religious Right adherents express their wrath against President Obama because...because he is not close to their Lord but is only President Obama. Reducing life and death issue to slogans and shibboleths, while ignoring rigorous analysis, leaves Religious Right voters easily manipulated by those who cater to their religious beliefs, hypocritical moral salutations and value judgments, rather than to those who present sensible policies. No mistaking the power and effectiveness of the Religious Right. It contains many millions of dedicated and vocal followers who demand respect from candidates and are able to shape policies and elections.

The Tea Party arrives with built-in contradictions. Its followers wave the American flag, extolling U.S. democratic values and freedoms that make the rest of the world jealous. Then the claim they want their country back. Why are they extolling their nation's values and freedoms if they feel these have been taken away from them? They have been allowed to hold public meetings and vote, haven't they? They also fervently support the American Israel Political action Committee (AIPAC), an organization that is accused of derailing government foreign policy to the wants of a foreign nation, and which has taken their country away, far away. When the Tea Party shouts "We want our country back," it means it wants its nation to shove off everyone who doesn't follow its policies, which frankly are developed from slogans, gripes, exaggerated patriotism and manipulations. Tea Party followers seem to only want to praise Americans for dying in its many wars, but don't consider or propose valid policies for making sure these wars and deaths don't occur. Death rather than life, playing victim rather than preventing victims, claiming being wronged rather than actively promoting right, and arguing destruction rather than proposing construction are the energizers of this shapeless organization. Shapeless, but emerging with force: Already involved in the disposal of several incumbents, the Tea Party has shown it can impose and dispose, recklessly and desperately. Recklessness and desperation are guarantees of eventual failure.

House Republicans want Americans to suggest and debate government policies. According to project chairman, Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California, America Speaking Out will showcase "the common voice of the common man" and gather ideas "from all corners of America."

So, we have a new website, America Speaking Out. Now we can have the world's largest conference meeting and make sure, as in most conferences, that nothing is done. Who is going to read all the millions of contradictory messages, separate the wheat from the chaff, correlate them, poll them and bring them together into comprehensive polices? Can't we expect that the final compilation of ideas will conform to longstanding GOP principles -- smaller government, lower taxes, less spending? This project resembles a tricky stratagem rather than a cooperative strategy.

A sizable portion of the electorate has morphed into doomsayers who feel threatened by a government whose composition and processes respectfully follow the U.S. Constitution. By exclaiming the government is not following the U.S. Constitution, the Unholy Trinity actually wants the U.S. Constitution to follow them. Evidently, they feel the ghost of Benjamin Franklin should be shaping energy policy and that of George Washington should be forming foreign policy.

It's time to expose these forces as malcontents who don't demonstrate proper understanding of government functions and don't propose meaningful agenda towards solving problems. Their operations, consciously or unconsciously, tend towards several purposes; create disharmony, interrupt sensible debate, degrade meaningful thought and stagnate solutions to problems.

Diminishing the power of these destructive elements of American society is a high priority that cannot be lightly ignored. These people are evolving into a danger, a danger to themselves, a danger to their families and a danger to an effective and democratic United States.

June, 2010