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Crisis Solution – Return the Region to United Nations Resolution 181

The Palestinian plight has had significant attention, and that attention has not resolved the situation. Does the solution lies elsewhere? Is the solution with the international community, in its becoming more alert to the disastrous effects of Israel’s actions on the entire world —  antagonistic behavior to the Muslim community that has contributed to global terrorism, continuous wars that have produced Middle East instability, development of  weapons of mass destruction that have forced Iran to proceed with its developments of nuclear weapons, oppression of the Palestinians that have enraged the Arab world and created friction between Arab and western nations, and deceptive connection to the Jewish community, which has caused grief to worldwide Jewry? Did the United States invasion of Iraq and the subsequent losses of American and Iraqi life arise solely from a false notion that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, or did the Neocons, consultants to the Israeli government, play a convincing role in a catastrophe that had no benefit to the United States and rid Israel of a dangerous adversary?

Has morality, human rights, and rational thought been skewed by false allegiance to an Israel that defies world opinion and commits acts that can be classified as war crimes? Would more attention to these damaging effects alert the international community to the realization that Israel is not only a danger to the Palestinians, it is a danger to life in the western world? Will that realization be enough to energize the western world to take action against a despotic Israel?

What type of action is required, and what is the action expected to accomplish? It must be more than an action that only maintains the status quo of checkpoints, an encircled Gaza, and stateless and impoverished Palestinians. It must be an action that returns the region to a previous status. One problem - for Israel, it seems to be an all or nothing situation. The “all” is the implementation of the proposals made by the World Zionist Organization at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, whose claims to Palestine are shown in the figure. Retreats from that proposal have occurred, and, if more retreats occur, Israel may be left with little of its initial objectives. From that frame of mind, Israel will continue until it has everything, which includes the destruction of the Palestinians.

If the thesis that Israel views the situation as “all or nothing” is correct, then the world has choices - either allow Israel to gain all, or right the injustices committed by Israel, and, effectively return to a more proper Partition Plan.

Not a bad idea, and for a good reason - Israel’s behavior has been a deliberate and continuous deception of the UN action. Israel today cannot be divorced from the 1947 partition plan, and Israelis today cannot separate themselves from the actions of their Zionist families during the years succeeding the plan.

When UN Resolution 181 partitioned Palestine on 29 November 1947, the population statistics, described in the Table below and referenced at 1945, showed about 500,000 Jews and 1.1 million Arabs in the partitioned area. The Arab population was indigenous to the area with almost its entire population born to parents who had resided in the Levant. The Arab population also owned and occupied a major part of the territory with one area, the Negev, mainly inhabited by Bedouin tribes.


Arab and other population

% Arab and other

Jewish population

 % Jewish population

Total population

 Arab State






Jewish State


















Data from the Report of UNSCOP: 3 September 1947: CHAPTER 4: A COMMENTARY ON PARTITION

Because neither state had official names at that time, the designations of Arab and Jewish states were used to map out contours of land where the major portions of the ethnicities would live. The Jewish state, which hastily became Israel just before President Truman recognized the state, failed at that moment of origin. Although the state was, in effect, bi-national, a small Zionist group took control of all apparatus of the new state, and did that without consulting any Palestinian leadership. What leadership, well, no defined leadership, but place it all in proper context.

A census will have shown about 500,000 people described as Jews in the new state (another 100,000 in Jerusalem), but only a small portion of that group had lived in the area for a long period of time and only that portion had much investment in its past, present, or future. Except for 40,000 earlier 20th century Zionists, practically all had arrived within the previous 30 years and not necessarily to stay — some to work in the British Mandate, many fleeing Nazi Germany, many from refugee camps after World War II, and some adventurers. Relatively few Jews were native to the region and almost all were from foreign nations. The UN did not create two states; it divided one Palestinian state into two states - a Palestinian state composed of almost 100 percent Palestinians, and a Palestinian state composed of about 90 percent who were native to the area (400,000 Palestinians), a small contingent of foreign Jews that had come as Zionists to live permanently in Palestine, and another larger contingent of foreign Jews that arrived for expediency and not with original intentions of remaining in the British Mandate. From that perspective, David Ben-Gurion and a small clique of opportunists took advantage of an ill-advised UN, an ill-led and ill- equipped Palestinian community, and a confused world to declare their state, and, with seasoned militia forces — Haganah, Irgun, Lehi, and Palmach — cleansed the area of Palestinians and established Israel. Just one example, which I have substantiated - Irgun troops after entering a Palestinian village were told to seize 10 Palestinians and shoot them; a plan intended to frighten other Palestinian villagers to flee.

The Palestinians were neither prepared to govern nor be governed. Becoming aware of this and by not enforcing clauses in its Partition Plan, as shown in Article 4 of Resolution 181, the UN shamelessly allowed the expulsion of the Palestinians, and did not stop the havoc.

4. The Commission, after consultation with the democratic parties and other public organizations of The Arab and Jewish States, shall select and establish in each State as rapidly as possible a Provisional Council of Government. The activities of both the Arab and Jewish Provisional Councils of Government shall be carried out under the general direction of the Commission.

If by 1 April 1948 a Provisional Council of Government cannot be selected for either of the States, or, if selected, cannot carry out its functions, the Commission shall communicate that fact to the Security Council for such action with respect to that State as the Security Council may deem proper, and to the Secretary-General for communication to the Members of the United Nations.

Heralded in propaganda and ahistorical films, books, and articles as a return of the Jewish people to their promised land, establishment of Israel was similar to Francisco Pizarro’s conquest of the Incas, a violent and criminal act upon a native people, an illegal seizure of their lands, livelihood, resources, and patrimony. Aware that the criminal acts could not be adequately contested, Ben-Gurion and his Zionists continued the pattern — subdue the native Palestinians, seize their lands, expand the Zionist nation. Today is no different than 1948, and today’s Jewish Israelis are no less guilty of illegal seizures of Palestinian lands than were their elders of 1948.

The UN inquiry committee, which proposed the majority resolution of two separate states, displayed a lack of knowledge of what constituted a nation-state. After the decline of empires, nation states rose from strong leaders binding into a national entity tribes of similar linguistic, cultural, social, and historical backgrounds, all of whom had lived in a contiguous area for generations. Palestinians had the credentials to become a nation-state; the Jews, who spoke different languages, had differing social and historical backgrounds, came from different areas, and had been in the region for a short time, did not have the attachments to form a nation-state.

The culprits in the havoc and crises that have plagued the Middle East are the nations that voted for the Partition Plan and the United Nations that permitted the hostilities and crimes to escalate. They owe the Palestinians, the Middle East peoples, and a world that expects justice, a reversal of their fateful actions. And not only for the living; for the dead from the World War II Holocaust who have been maligned by Israel’s use of their tragedy for its own purposes and for a worldwide Jewry, which daily receives punishing blows due to a false identification with Israel.

United States military and political support for Israel, which includes vetoes on almost all UN Security council resolutions that could have halted Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians, and Germany’s financial support and sales of military weapons, mainly submarines, have jeopardized the peace in the Middle East. The US and Germany are complicit in the crimes committed by the Zionists. United States and Germany should and could resolve the desperate situation. Sounds naive and is naive, except, if their citizens speak up, it will be a start toward repairing the affects of the injustices.

Israel is a formidable military power and cannot be defeated on the battlefield. Damage inflicted to its population will be countered by magnitudes more damage to the populations of its adversaries. It also has an advantage of location - powdering it with weapons of mass destruction will endanger adjacent countries. Israelis have high morale, close dedication to one another and to their state, a fighting spirit, and a willingness to die for their cause. They cannot be easily subdued and subjected to occupation. However, Israel has weaknesses

Overriding all of Israel’s weaknesses is the knowledge that once Israel loses advantage, its dominance will decay quickly.

What can occur if Israel’s policies are not adequately confronted? 
Attacks on Palestinian life and property will increase.
If, after seventy years, Israel has shown nothing toward the Palestinians but punishing actions, and no reversal of that trend is noticeable, then Israel’s methods will become harsher. Samples of present happenings portend a more oppressive future.

Times of Israel, February 11, 2020
170 cars, mosque vandalized in northern Arab town, drawing rare Netanyahu rebuke.

Police on Tuesday opened an investigation into an apparent hate crime in the northern Arab town of Jish, where the tires of some 170 vehicles were slashed and Hebrew graffiti condemning interfaith coexistence was daubed on buildings.

Times of Israel, 26 February 2020
Tires slashed, West Bank village threatened with ‘war’ in apparent hate attack

Graffiti in Yasuf warns of ‘war over Judea and Samaria’; police open investigation but make no arrests; PA governor calls for ‘protection committees’

WAFA, BETHLEHEM, Thursday, February 27, 2020

Israeli settlers today uprooted hundreds of olive and vine trees in the town of al-Khader, to the south of the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem, according to Emad Dadoo, a local activist.

A few thousand-latecomer immigrants to Israel from Brooklyn, New York are determining the fate of the masses of the Palestinian people. Total destruction of the Palestinian community is their obvious objective,

Possible huge Middle East conflagration
Lack of consideration to the effects of Israel’s aggressive policies on Middle East neighbors predicts increased hostilities that could lead to nuclear war. When push comes to shove and Israel’s survival is at risk, assuredly, Israel will use the Samson option.

Expansion of international terrorism
An ever growing and never ending outlet for those radicalized by Israel’s policies is international terrorism; the world suffers because of Israel’s’ attacks on the Palestinians.

Great harm to world Jewry
Israel’s’ deceptive attachment to world Jewry and lack of consideration of how its actions affect relations of others to that community have brought and will continue to bring hostility to world Jewry.

What is the preferred strategy for containing Israel?
Military strength is one pillar of Israel's strategy to incorporate all the land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, and possibly beyond, into its territory. Other pillars are a strong economy to finance the adventure and a worldwide deception plan that confuses those who aid Israel and, if they had all the facts, may object to Israel's illegal tactics.

Exposure of Israel’s nefarious activities and countering pro-Israel groups have been cautious and mild. It is now necessary to use the proper terminology and definitions to Israel’s actions, shout them loud and clear to all governments and all peoples and make certain governments take action— Israel is a criminal nation that has stolen Palestinian lands, murdered Palestinian people, and has, as one objective, the elimination of the Palestinian community. Its activities have made the world suffer from terrorism and brought instability to the Middle East, with potential for a nuclear war. By allowing UN Security Council resolutions that thwart Israel’s’ advances, which the United States vetoes have previously impeded, a significant step to change Israel will be made. 

The economy is robust but vulnerable, depending upon satisfying imports, armaments exports, tourism, US military assistance, and contributions from the Jewish community. Israel is an industry, whose growth once impeded will reverse its trend and rapidly fall, as the social unbalances contend with shrinking resources. Knowledge of the battlefields and recommendations for combating the plan of worldwide deception is essential to a strategy that leads to Israel's economic and social decline and forces it to re-evaluate policies.

Reversing Israel’s apparent fortune, and making the nation take heed to its aggressive policies, has many avenues — cut military and other assistance, approve sanctions, limit seats on UN Councils and organizations, stifle tourism and trade, detach morally, physically and militarily from Israel — drastic measures for a drastic nation. Why not, if these measures become necessary to achieve the objectives of peace and stability?

Appeal to justice
Publicity is successful by shouting loud and often. It is more successful by shouting louder and more often. A slow shift to active support of the Palestinian cause by those who recognize they have multitudes who will protest with them, and an awakening from those who realize it is immoral and against all religions, including the extremes of Christian Evangelism, to be pro-oppression, will start a trend that soon cascades past an inflection point. Reaching the inflection point takes courage, money, and energy. Once reached, the billions of world's people who are cognizant of the dangers Israel is to the world community, will place into motion the mechanisms for correcting Israel's deceptive and harmful practices.

From these efforts, legislators will encounter opposition and begin to reverse themselves; tourists will watch where their money goes and avoid Israel; Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) will advance and have an effect on Israel's economy and its citizens; Israelis will begin to see themselves in a proper perspective and demand change. When no longer living in a society that lives and prospers by taking from others, many Israelis will seek more favorable places.

One problem in organizing governments into taking action is that Israel’s’ deliberate actions have made Iran and its allies bitter foes of Israel. With Iran and the Shi’a at odds with Saudi Arabia and the Sunnis, Israel has been able to construct alliances that support an Israel that counters Iran. Not falling into the trap of Israel being a benefit in the arguments against Iran is a prerequisite before contesting Israel. Stirring the pot against Iran to make certain that this does not happen is an Israeli counter strategy.  Becoming aware of this strategy, which was used to convince the Trump administration to leave The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), will overcome a principal impediment to rallying forces to recognize the dangers of present-day Israel.

How far will Israel revert?
As mentioned previously, Israel has two directions —  either succeeding in fulfilling most of the proposals made by the World Zionist organization at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, or installing a democratic one-state for all inhabitants in the area of the earlier British Mandate, which means reverting to a more proper UN Resolution 181. The former direction will have grave consequences for the entire world. The latter direction will have great benefits for everyone, including the free, democratic, and social-minded Israelis.

“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”
Nelson Mandela

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march 1, 2020