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While the world community debates a two- state or one-state solution for the Middle East crisis, Israel proceeds with its unilateral solution - one-state - a Jewish state.
Clearly described is the evolution of Israel's strategy and the maddening "peace process."

An original Zionism, rejected by the Jewish people seemed outmoded by World War I and became revived by the Balfour Declaration and establishment of the British Mandate.

President Truman reacted too late to the 1948 recognition of Israel. Incessant wars, conducted from pleas of defense and security needs while geared to enlarge Israel and subdue the Palestinians, have led to either completely vanquishing the Palestinians or a resolution by The Course of History.

The Jewish people are caught in a maelstrom that could evolve in its decline and massive destruction to much of the entire world.


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The Fate of the Palestinians
The Gaza Plantation
Israel intends to destroy the Gazan community and landscape so that it will not be governable.

The Israeli Mind and the Ultra-Right

From the devastation emerges a chilling vision of a new world order — a nationalist, militarist, irredentist, far-right command of governments, kept in play by obedient media that shape information and exercise mind control.

Israel’s Dilemma
Israel’s dilemma has been how to construct a racially pure state and extinguish the Palestinian presence in the country without the world noticing the genocide. It has found the solution and the world does not take notice. 

A Call to Action
For 75 years and still counting, on each day and in full view to the world, the Zionists have progressed with their plan of a more racially pure state that includes the genocide of the Palestinian people.
Do Americans Have a Genocide Gene?
Remember, it is not a genocide until it is all over.
Remember, Americans never realized their complicity in genocides. Put the two together and we have Americans driven by an uncontrollable impulse to favor genocide.

A Letter to Joe Biden

Subject: October 10 Hamas attack on Israel
 I intended to address this letter to the President of the United States. By reading a speech prepared for you by the Israeli embassy, you forfeited that title. You are Joe Biden, lackey for apartheid Israel.
Goodbye to Political Zionism, Hello to Religious Zionism
Zionist Israel’s Faux Pas
Led by the Mizrahi and Orthodox Jews, Religious Zionists have taken over the Zionist agenda and might intend to fulfill the boundary proposals expressed at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference,.
Irredentism and the Palestinian Crisis
It is not only Settler Colonialism

Defining Zionism as an Irredentist movement  is not mere polemics; it is the most essential feature in understanding the past, present, and future of the crises that Zionism caused.
The Unsettling Settlers
Severely Damaging Americans
Examine settler attacks on Palestinians from promotions by the underwriters to the actions of the perpetrators and we learn we are all menacingly affected and do not realize it.  
Ever Again
Setting the Stage for the Genocide of the Palestinian People
Israel still has plenty of land for population expansion and its preference to expand by stealing land from Palestinians indicates that nonchalantly making others invisible is a metaphor for making them physically extinct.
Overstep of Israel’s Supporters
Palestine's Supporters Can Gain Control of the Narrative 

A strategy for Palestinian supporters to gain control of the narrative and successfully counter charges of anti-Semitism enable the moral and legal systems to bring the oppressors’ supporters to justice.

Israel - Farthest Right of the Far Right
The U.S. and major European governments have done the incomprehensible by actively supporting the Israeli far-right governments to succeed and perpetuate themselves

Are the Palestinians Doomed?
Daily reports highlight what is being done to the Palestinians, riveting narratives of the repression and violence committed against them. More attention is required to ascertain what can be done for them, prepartion of  a strategic plan that leads to their liberation..

Letters to Barack Obama
Short and Long of United States’ Destruction of the Palestinian People

Reversing the deadlly contributions of American society to the destruction of the Palestinian people is more than a moral imperative; it is the principle means for guaranteeing survival of the Palestine community. 
Innocence of Mahmoud Abbas
Duplicity of Olaf Schulz

Those who endeavor to bring Israel to task for its crimes must reveal the nefarious use of the holocaust and spurious charges of anti-Semitism that attempt (and succeed) to shield Israel from criticism. Before the exposure is accomplished, nothing else will succeed in liberating the Palestinians from Israel’s genocidal actions.
The Dark Side of Germany
Documenta 15 and American Institute for Contemporary German Studies  

 At this AICGS  discussion, if anybody represented Documenta 15 exhibition against accusations of anti-Semitism,  I did not hear it. I did hear the moderator behave as a Zionist representative. 
Israel is a Jewish Problem
 Israel is a Jewish problem. and the Jewish people, if they want to be considered a just, humane, and peace loving people, have a responsibility to resolve that problem.
Palestine/Israel Crisis Resolved
Attacking the Israel government is wounding; attacking enterprise Israel can be fatal.
Remember the Name – Sheikh Jarrah
Sheikh Jarrah has left a permanent imprint on history. The world will long remember the name – Sheikh Jarrah.
The Democratic Party’s Big Mistake
Support for Israel

By improperly attending to the urgent situation in Gaza, the Democratic Party may lose sufficient voters to jeopardize its commanding position in national governance.
Combating the False Anti-antisemites

Attempt by Israel supporters to engineer an  International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism into a tool for silencing legitimate criticism of Israel provoked webinars from those offended by the insidious behavior.
The One State – A Critique
Aware that the One-state is a contentious issue and no plan will satisfy a majority of contenders, Jonathan Kuttab solicited comments to his book, Beyond The Two-State Solution.
Israel as a Criminal Enterprise 
Examination of Zionist behavior supports the label of criminal enterprise.
The One-State - Deposition Before Imposition
One-state cannot be achieved without changing Israel’s legal and administrative structures .  Deposition precedes imposition; destroying the framework that supports Israel allows a new foundation for constructing a one-state, the natural state.  
Crisis Solution – Return the Region to United Nations Resolution 181
If the thesis that Israel views the situation as “all or nothing” is correct, then the world has a choice - allow Israel to gain all, or right the injustices committed by Israel, which means returning to a more proper 1947 Partition Plan 181.

Revealing The Real Israel
Changing Israel

What can be done by the world community to convert Israel, a tribal state without borders, into a nation that assures justice for all ethnicities within well-defined and internationally accepted frontiers?
A five-part article presents a refreshing discourse that strives to be original and add more to the discussion than has already been said.
Part 5
A Changed Israel
Only route to Middle East peace
Finally, falteringly, and with some strife, the new Israel will be a democratic and just state, composed of a Palestinian majority, and with Jews sharing control of the government and infrastructure.

Israel Promotion of Anti-Semitism
Due to its awkward characterization and specific reference to Jewish people. modern anti-Semitism is a term that has been criticized. Is it a condition, or a response to Israel's oppressive policies toward the Palestinians?
The Failure of Zionism

Zionism succeeded as a mission and failed as a concept, a failure that might eventually spell doom for the entire Jewish community

Is Israel a Democracy or a Kleptocracy?

This Israel is not a democracy and never can be -- the rule of law will create another Israel that reverses theft of Palestinian lands, resources, and patrimony, all of which began in 1948, and is proving to be non-ending.

PART I - Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)
BDS has been able to gather together those who sympathize with the Palestinian cause and those opposed to Israel actions into a common activity that has captured worldwide attention. 

The Face of Israel
Ashkelon Speaks-Story of the ME crisis

Ashkelon has a story. It is the story of the Middle East conflict. 
The New Puritans 
Is Israel the new Puritans? 
The 1948 Recognition of Israel 
Recognition was not as seemed.

The Wars
Another Syllogism of Death
Examination of Israel’s November 2019 missile attacks on Gaza reveals deliberate actions that can be expressed by propositions, which lead to a syllogism of death that does not spare civilians.
Exposing Israel's Self-indictments in Gaza Protests
In May 2018 Gaza demonstrations, Israel indicted itself several times, validated Palestinian actions, and exposed its tyrannical manner.
Ecstasy and Agony 
Before people are vanquished, truth is smoked, reality is twisted and facts are discarded. Attack on Gaza relates that story.
Syllogism of Death
Explaining the attack on Gaza by logic, reveals a syllogism of death.
Israel's Wars
Analyzing Israel's wars from 1948 to 2012.
Is Gaza a Test Ground for Israeli Military? Did Israel allow Gaza to fire missiles into southern Israel to test the Iron Dome system?
Gaza War 
2006 attack on Gaza
A Turning Point In History
The 2nd Lebanon War turned history.. 
Face to Face With Hezbollah 
Surprises at meeting with Hezbollah.
Ojo! More Disasters are Ready to Happen in the Middle East

You do not have to be an insider, a foreign policy expert, or a political pundit to realize that the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia are preparing military actions against Iran and Hezbollah.

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International Bodies Fail to Understand the Middle East Crisis
Part I –Trajectory to Total War

Institutions that defend the world community and protect regional interests have failed to understand the Middle East crisis, failed to recognize the dangers posed by the Zionist expansion, and have subverted their constituencies.
Part II – Countering false charges of anti-Semitism and undue attention to the World War II Holocaust
All, directly or indirectly, suffer from Israel's disgraceful use of tragedies that are inflicted upon others to further its interests. All should be doing something to counter Israel's deceptive practices.
Part III: Countering Israel's Deception
Knowledge of the battlefields and recommendations for combating the plan of worldwide deception is essential to a strategy that leads to Israel's economic and social decline and forces it to re-evaluate policies. 
Israel and the Jewish People
Return of the Israelites
Establishing Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, does not create a Jewish state but replaces the Israel state with an association of communities who can debate what is being Jewish.
Manipulating the World to Destruction 
Obama's voyage to Israel exposes the conditioning of the world community to acceptance of Zionist agenda. 
The New Sicarii
Zealots continue to destroy world Jewry. 
Does Israel Represent Jewish People?
Close identification of the Jewish people with Israel was never a given.

The Role of Jerusalem
Why Jerusalem? Israel's Hidden Agenda

Jerusalem and the Peace Process
Political Options for Jerusalem's Future

Breaking Point at Jerusalem's Highest Point
Israel's own extremists -- dysfunctional in thought, militant in action and distorting history and reality that Israel itself has created. 
Part I: Brief History of Jerusalem 
Part II: Heritage Perspectives

Part III: The Hidden Agendas
Vanquishing the Palestinians
Refusal of the mass media to accurately portray the Middle East crisis and inability of a world to take appropriate action to prevent vanquishing of the Palestinian people shapes the 21st century.
The Greatest Replacement

What is now called Israel, and should rightfully be called Palestine, is the result of the greatest replacement of the last centuries. 


Palestine Museum of Natural History
The Palestine Museum of Natural History is testimony to the spirit, vision, and courage of the Palestinian people, to their need for ontological security, a sense of order and continuity in their experiences, and hopes for their future.
The Hamas Factor
Security measures were used to justify occupation and oppression. Now, one word, Hamas, is used for more of the same. 
A Palestinian State Frees All
Recognition of a Palestinian state saves all. 
Resolving the Displaced Persons Problem
Rather than being portrayed as victims, the dispossessed are often perceived as perpetrators
Who Speaks for the Palestinians
Palestinians lack cohesion to have unified voice. 
Palestinian Nationalism

Palestinians want what peoples need for survival - a self- identity that derives from having a state. 

The "Peace" Initiatives
The Steal of the Century
Touted as a fresh approach to Middle East Peace, the plan is a stale continuation of Israel’s peace policy, which has been to capture Palestinian lands before forcing the remaining land holders into a surrounded enclave where they will be carefully guarded.

Bringing Peace to the Middle East
In attempting to bring peace and stability to the world's regions, the United States and its allies have proceeded from one premise - first wage war. After survivors clear the battlefields, peace and stability remain fragile. Perpetual war has become inevitable. 
New Direction to Resolve Middle East Crisis
Countering Israel's persecution of Palestinians is an international cause that considers danger to all peoples -- breeding terrorism, nurturing conflagrations, and enhancing nuclear war.
Jewish Voices for Peace
A clearly expressed Americans for Peace is needed, in which organizations such as Jewish Voice for Peace and other religious and ethnic organizations are only subsidiaries. 
The Sepoy Mutiny and the Middle East Peace Process
Explaining Israel's growth of and predicting its future solicits comparisons between the Zionist adventure and previous historical episodes. 
Course of History will resolve the ME crisis
An inexorable course of history might speak for everyone and resolve the Middle East Crisis.
Turbulent Winds of Annapolis Peace Conf.

A voyage through Middle East capitals reveals truths that lack exposure. 
Evolution of Madness (2000)
Peace process or forced treaty?

Palestinian Dilemma
Beyond the Palestinian Crisis

Part I - A larger conflict is now in process

Part II- Trajectory of Middle East Conflict

A Trajectory to Catastrophe 
Part 1-Fate of the Palestinians
Part II-Fate of the Israeli Nation 
Part III-Escape from Entrapment

Talking Points
Combating Israel's
Manipulation of the Media

Battle to resolve the Middle East crisis can be won by exposing media deceptions engineered by Israel and its supporters, and by actions that change Israel into a just and genuine nation.
Israel’s Nation State Law Transforms States into Tribal Governances
Israel’s Nation State Law establishes Israel as a revival to a tribal form of governance, where borders and boundaries are not fixed, and extends to Jews in other nations.
Does Israel Exist as a Nation State?
Present diplomatic arrangements are incongruous with Israel's composition.
Illogical and Irrational The Route of the Middle East Crisis
Mayhem is due to the illogical, obvious to anyone who notes the irrational reasons for Israel's emphasis on the vanished Temple.   
Emergence of the Real Israel

Israelis have a national identity that is less than and more artificial than the Palestinians and not total trappings of a nation state.
Part I:Israel's actions compared to those of the Nazi State

Continuous Israeli attacks on the Palestinians have prompted comparisons between Israel's actions and those of the German Nazi state.
Part II: The Jewish Caliphate
A comparison between Israel as a Jewish state and the pretended Islamic Caliphate. This does not imply that Israel's operations equate with those of the more brutal ISIL.
Deceptive Route to a One-State Solution -- an all Jewish State
Israel's expansion must be stalled by confronting its propaganda, which gives sustenance to oppression. 
The War of Narratives
Palestinians are thrust in an unenviable role - expose the contrived Israeli narrative and impress the world with their narrative, 
Social and Econ Justice Precede Peace
Redress of injustices upon Palestinians may make negotiations possible.
Deaths of "no-state" Palestinians are Proportional to Life of Two State Solution
The mistakes in proposing "the only solution to the Middle East conflict." 
Deconstructing the Israel Narrative
As Israel's democracy becomes questioned, its mystique becomes more exaggerated.
The Self-Destruction of Israel
Israel's strongest supporters are bringing it to destruction.
Tank Man and Rachel Corrie

Death of activist Rachel Corrie recalls a Chinese citizen stance before a tank squadron moving from Tiananmen Square.