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Israel is a Jewish Problem

Identification of Israel as a criminal state that has willfully murdered Palestinians, stolen their lands, ethnically cleansed them, buried their villages under rubble, and destroyed their history and heritage is not a matter of opinion or polemics. It is a reality, based on verified facts that cannot be denied. A worldwide Israeli propaganda machine obscures this criminality, which continues in the present and manifests itself daily. Israel claims self defense against supposed assailants that have no weapons, are protecting their lives and property, and are shot escaping, even when they have nowhere to escape. We are told that being against the destruction of the Palestinian people is anti-Semitism.

Nazi Germany escalated war by incorporating territories composed of ethnic Germans into their master state. Contemporary Russia has initiated conflict by its vision of incorporating territories containing ethnic Russians into the Russian Commonwealth of States. Israel pursues a more grandiose plan - by not defining borders it reaches out to Jews throughout the world and intends to incorporate them into a borderless Jewish state. A small, destructive, racist, and delusionary ultra-orthodox community has become the foot soldiers who carry out the irredentist plans of ultra-national and militarized Israel. Jews fear that strong action against a state calling itself “the Jewish state” will split the community, but the community is already split, and the executioners are in control. Militarized Israel has seized control of the mindset of the Jewish people. Israel is a Jewish problem.

How is Israel a Jewish problem?
Answer the question another way, what benefit has Israel been to worldwide Jewry?

Political Zionism constructed its ideology at the end of the 19th century from two premises, (1) Extensive persecution of Jews would continue and drive the Jews to wanting their own homeland, and (2) Jews could never satisfactorily integrate into western nations.

After World  War II, the Zionists shifted their premise to “Only a national home for the Jewish people can guarantee they will not be subjected to another Holocaust,” a premise that guides the education of all Israeli children and persuades the uninformed to defend apartheid Israel.

Consider the Zionist premises for establishing a state for the Jewish people.

  1. The Anti-defamation League (ADL) claims that attacks on Jews (anti-SemitismJ ) are at an all time high. If that is true, then the Zionist adventure has not solved the problem and has failed.
  2. Association of Jews with apartheid Israel is the principal reason for attacks on Jews. The Zionists have caused the very problem they promised to resolve.
  3. Statistics on attacks against Jews never supported the concept of extensive persecution. The Zionists exaggerated. Less than 100 Jews were killed, and possibly a few thousand injured in anti-Jewish riots during the 19th century years that preceded the establishment of political Zionism. From the start of the British mandate in 1919 until the year 2019, 71 years after the founding of Israel, 24,060 Jews have been killed and 36,260 have been wounded. Due to Zionism, magnitudes more Jews were killed and wounded than in the century of the founding of Zionism. Compared to 19th European Jews at the time of the Zionists, the gathering of the Jews has not made them more secure or safe.
  4. Integration
    To say that Jews have integrated and lived well in all the western nations brings an often cited contradiction  – Holocaust. The Zionists learned that constant reminders of the contradiction – the Holocaust occurred throughout Europe – is an effective means for satisfying and soliciting support for their agenda. By pursuing the bludgeoning Holocaust reminders, they established their own contradiction – a major lesson emerging from the tragic event was that Jews should not massively assemble in one place. The Holocaust affected those Jews concentrated in local parts of Europe; the worldwide dispersal of the Jews enabled their survival as an ethnicity. This attribute is a general thesis of species survival -- the more diversified is a species, the better chance it has of survival.
  5. The Holocaust
    Arguments for the continuous focus on the WWII Holocaust are, (1) knowledge of one Holocaust may prevent other Holocausts, and (2) far right nationalism is rising in many nations, can reappear in a form similar form to the Nazi regime, and, if not challenged, can, once again, devastate the Jewish community.

The continuous genocides throughout the world refute the first argument – knowledge of the WWII Holocaust has not impeded other Holocausts.

The second argument demonstrates why no democratic person or human rights advocate, especially Jews, should support the Israeli regime. Israel is the paradigm for militarist, ultra- nationalist and supremacist nations. Israel is glorified by the far right despotic regimes

Look at the record:

Richard Spencer, head of the white nationalist organization, National Policy Institute,  described himself to a reporter on Israel’s Channel 2 News as “a white Zionist,” and argued that Israelis “should respect someone like me.”

The Zionist Organization of America organized a New York celebration to honor Stephen K. Bannon, described by The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights as “the executive chairman of Breitbart LLC, who turned the website into what he described as ‘the platform for the alt-right,’ a movement that includes and is heavily shaped by white supremacists, anti-Semites, anti-Muslims, nativists, and other political extremists who are more dedicated to destroying our system than they are to improving it.”

“[T]he the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is also staunchly supportive of Israel,” reported the Times of Israel. “[It is] one of a number of right-wing populist parties in Europe that have tried to make common cause with Israel’s tough stance toward terror and self-styled position as a forward bulwark against Islamic extremism.”

Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, known for disparaging Palestinians, met the Italian Interior Minister and Deputy Premier, Matteo Salvini, a far-right leader, at the Knesset in Jerusalem, on December 12 2018. In March 2016, on a previous visit to Tel Aviv, Salvini said, “Israel embodies the perfect balance of different realities, while ensuring law and order. It surely is a role model for security and anti-terrorism policies.”

Former Prime Minister Netanyahu eagerly sought and initiated support of right wing evangelists throughout the world. Israel has collaborated with this far right group.

Europe’s Far-Right Proves It’s Possible To Be Pro-Israel And Anti-Semitic, By Tamara Micner, The Forward, an Jewish American newspaper, September 05, 2017

Last year, a website known for being pro-Israel referred to the political commentator Bill Kristol as a “renegade Jew.” The website, Breitbart News (ED: Considered far right), was co-founded by a Jewish lawyer, has an office in Jerusalem and calls itself “unapologetically” pro-Israel.

Far right leaders, Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, and Brazil’s President, Jair Bolsonaro, are ardent supporters of Israel.
Jewish Insider, December 22, 2020

Hungary has, in recent years, positioned itself as an ardent supporter of Israel and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, going so far as to open a trade mission in Jerusalem. It is the only European Union member state to have done so.

Times of Israel, 29 October 2018

Israeli leaders on Monday welcomed the election of Jair Bolsonaro, a controversial hardliner, as new president of Brazil, hailing his bona fide pro-Israel credentials.

Israel’s supporters may be correct in asserting that far right nationalist regimes are capable of inflicting horrific destruction to minority communities. Israel is the best example for the assertion.

Israel’s daily destruction of the Palestinian community is definitely proven. Israel pretends to be a democracy and is better characterized as a far right nationalist regime,

A. Few Palestinians have been able to rent housing or buy property in West Jerusalem.

B. Few Arabs have been able to purchase government sponsored housing.

C. The separation of populations results in the separation of activities, recreation centers, and education

D. Although some Arabs are able to obtain college scholarships, the large majority of college scholarships require previous military duty. Because Arabs are not eager to serve in the Israeli army, college scholarships for Arabs are more limited.

E. Arabs do not obtain many, if any, housing loans.

F. The state of Israel owns more than 90 percent of the land. "In trust" only "for the Jewish people." Non-Jewish citizens cannot, except on rare occasions, purchase land.

G. Whenever the Israeli army wants to construct a military base, Arab property is expropriated for the endeavor.

H. Because marriages are performed by a rabbi, a Jew cannot marry a non-Jew within the boundaries of Israel.

Human Rights violations are not limited to non-Jewish communities. On January 18, 2010, over 5,000 young Ethiopian-Israelis and their supporters marched through central Jerusalem to protest against racism and discrimination. Government studies conducted in conjunction with The Hebrew University of Jerusalem have found that "a job applicant with an Ashkenazi-sounding name has a 34 percent higher chance of being hired by an employer than a person with a Sephardi-sounding name applying for the same position. ... [and also that] over 22% of employers openly stated that they actively discriminate against applicants with Arab-sounding names.

Israel is not a democracy, and evidence certifies it is a militarist, nationalist, racist, nation that practices apartheid, engages in severe human rights violations, spies on its citizens and is dominated by its military. Israel is a far right nationalist regime.

Close identification of the Jewish people with Israel was never a given. Repetitive urgings by those who had an interest in promoting a close relationship of world Jewry with Israel and the innocence of those who readily accepted the notification seduced a large and vocal number of Jews to support Israel. By blindly accepting the association, the Jewish people lost the power to change Israel's policies, misdirected the path to a peaceful solution of the Middle East crisis, exacerbated the crisis, and harmed the security of Jews throughout the world.

Christian Zionists initiated the Zionist movement that has caused misery to a great part of the world. Jewish Zionists and their supporters brought the urgings to fruition and are responsible for the continuous destruction visited upon others. Those supporting the destruction of the Palestinian people deserve the contempt and wrath visited upon them. Israel is a Jewish problem and the Jewish people, if they want to be considered a just, humane, and peace loving people, have a responsibility to resolve that problem.

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may 8, 2022