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 The Democratic Party’s Big Mistake - Support for Israel

Followers of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer found guilty of murdering George Floyd, are chauvinists. No country on the planet houses more chauvinists than Israel, where a large majority of the populace favors the everyday strangling of the Palestinian people. Hope comes alive that the sudden and extraordinary conviction of a White American policeman, complicit in the death of a Black American, will resonate throughout America and the Democratic Party will also respond to the cause of justice and convict Israel for being complicit in the constant violence against  Palestinians. By improperly attending to the urgent situation, the Democratic Party may lose sufficient voters to jeopardize its commanding position in national governance.

Democratic institutions, in Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, and the United States, strongly condemn the venomous white nationalism and take no action against its principal advocate - the Israeli Knesset. The Democratic Party does not factor into its decisions the effect on voting patterns due to the alliances between the reactionary political Parties in Israel, which are a majority in the electorate, and the Religious Right and Trump supporters in the United States. Big mistake, and a neglect that will eventually serve to defeat the democratically oriented western governments. Why will this happen?

The Democratic Party poses itself as the protector of human rights, guardian of equal rights, defender of religious persuasions, supervisor of fair immigration policies, keeper of a liberal world order that guards against genocide, ultra-nationalism, and militarism. Yet, it ardently supports Israel that oppresses the Palestinians, denies them equal rights, places its own religion before other religions, has the most discriminatory immigration policies, is bringing about the genocide of the Palestinian people, and is one of the most nationalist and militarist nation in the world.

The apparent hypocrisy of the Democratic Party makes it anathema to the U.S. electorate, losing voters who prefer conviction to hypocrisy, isolating the electorate left that will not compromise with Party policies on human rights and Israel, and disabling voters that would rather stay home than vote for a deceitful political Party.

By not confronting Israel, the Democrats place Israel in a commanding position on the international stage, making it an example of successful ultra-nationalism, which excites, encourages, and augments the ranks of ultra-nationalists and militarists in all western nations. Israel represents everything the white nationalists desire – dominant ethnicity, extreme nationalism, militarism, biased immigration policies, and chauvinism. Democratic Party policies toward Israel give approval to the Trump led factions that benefit from the policies.

Arguments that Israel serves as a support for America’s presence and policies in the Middle East are refuted by Israel’s unilateral actions that counter U.S. policies — Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty during the 1967 Israeli-Egyptian War, which killed 34 crew, wounded 171, and severely damaged the ship, Israel’s alliance with apartheid South Africa, Israel’s settlement activities, Israel’s violation of UN Resolutions, and Israel’s relations with America’s principal adversary, China.

Israel Aerospace Industries contracted deals with China for its Phalcon airborne early detection radar systems and Harpy drones, while knowing that these sales compromised U.S. security. After intense pressure from the U.S., when the State Department intimated it would withhold aid, Israel halted the intended sales.

 In 2015, Shanghai International Port Group Company contracted with Israel’s Transportation Ministry to renovate and run Haifa’s commercial port, which prompted objections from the US government in 2018 - ships from the US Navy’s 6th Fleet use an adjacent Israeli navy base. Israel refused a Trump administration request to allow the US Coast Guard to inspect the port at Haifa for Chinese surveillance capabilities.

 Chinese companies are scheduled to perform a multitude of infrastructure projects in Israelmotorways, railways, ports, and housing construction. A summary of these extensive projects are described at:

Israel‘s contracts with China, which are escalating, have shown disregard for the United States’ agenda. Israel is a sovereign entity and has a right to act independently. However, subverting U.S. security interests and allowing China to maintain naval facilities in the Mediterranean Sea undermines U.S. power. For these reasons, Israel cannot be considered to be a faithful ally or capable of providing a beneficial relationship. Another danger lurks; by establishing a tight relationship with China, Israel can play from both sides and demand considerations from each for concessions to each.

 Another factor: The U.S. grants Israel $3.8 billion a year to purchase U.S. military equipment. Studying, testing, and capitalizing on U.S. technology has enabled Israel to become the eighth largest exporter of weapons. The U.S. gives Israel funds to purchase weapons and Israel uses the funds to develop weapons and compete with its benefactor in the arms trade.

While expecting that close relations to Israel will benefit U.S. interests, the reverse has occurred - the U.S. obediently serves Israel’s interests. A common thread exists in US actions of aggressive behavior toward nations that have been antagonists of Israel and, although, these nations are not friendly toward the U.S., have not directly threatened American security. The common thread is Israel, and after the decline of all of these nations that have not threatened the security of the United States, Iran is the last nation standing.

State Department veto of numerous UN Resolutions, which may have halted Israel’s oppressive and militarist tactics, is another example of U.S. subservience to Israel. Israel dictates U.S. policies rather than the U.S. shaping Israel’s policies.

President Joe Biden, in a speech responding to the new strife, reminiscent of speeches from other Democratic presidents, declared, “Israel has a right to defend itself.” Hamas warned it would respond if Israeli military continued its hostile actions at the al-Aqsa mosque. Another U.S. president who is evidently unaware that Israel’s oppressive actions provoke retaliation. Examine President Biden’s statement.

When rockets (flying bullets) from Gaza strike Ashkelon (previously the Palestinian town named al-Majdal), whom do they hit, and who fired them? Those hit by the rockets are descendants of those who stole the land or are benefactors willing to accept the theft  from the Palestinian families who lived in the area for generations. In the 1945 statistics, al-Majdal had a population of 9,910. Not only had Ashkelon been awarded to the anticipated Palestinian state in United Nations (UN) Resolution 181, but the mass of Palestinians living in the area played no part in the hostilities. An Egyptian army, not invited by al-Majdal inhabitants, entered the town to protect its status under UN Resolution 181 and failed in the endeavor. Israeli forces captured al-Majdal on November 4, 1948. In the later months, the original inhabitants that fled the engagements were denied return and the remaining inhabitants were forcibly removed, almost all to Gaza.

Those firing the rockets are those who had their land, livelihood, and the futures of all their descendants stolen from them by the Israelis. The innocent victims of land theft and ethnic cleansing first suffered from deprivation in the barren desert of Gaza. Later, for 38 years they endured oppressive Israeli occupation. After an end to physical occupation, Israel has controlled and intruded into their lives with constant violence against them — destruction of their buildings, factories, agricultural lands, water supplies, power stations, cultural institutions, denial of the fishing rights, keeping them caged in a small area and preventing them from leaving. Israel determines Gazans fates and seizes every opportunity to make their lives miserable.

According to the president of the United States (who spent his entire political career receiving protection in being elected in return for approving the criminal actions), the terrorizer (Israel) is a victim of terror, and those who have been constant victims of severe criminal attacks (Palestinians) and been thwarted in all legal means to seek justice have no right to respond to the original crimes and the succeeding decades of criminal attacks against them. How could they achieve justice when the thieves are the police, the courts, and the framers of the laws? The Israeli judicial system even finds the people of Gaza guilty of trying to seek justice, for which they must be severely punished.The frustrated, tormented, and oppressed Palestinians periodically relieve the psychological tension that daily strangles their lives by letting the criminal oppressors know how it is to live in fear, anxiety, and menacing death.

Those who support deceitful and kleptomaniacal Israel are the same as those who support deceitful and kleptomaniacal Donald Trump. Those who fear the end of democracy take no heed to a fundamental cause of the threat – Israel. President Biden has an opportunity to separate the Democratic Party from the worldwide chauvinists, who believe in their superiority and that might makes right. Leaders of the Democratic Party, when will you become honest and wise?

 alternative insight
may 17, 2021