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By Dan Lieberman

May I Show You my City
A short story.

A Palestinian man returns to his birth village.

Voice Speak to Us
A 3-act play.
Poetry and prose present.
the history of the Middle East crisis.

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Note: The perspective is from one-side of a crisis that can only be clarified from one side.






The Fate of the Palestinians
The Gaza Plantation
Israel intends to destroy the Gazan community and landscape so that it will not be governable.

The Israeli Mind and the Ultra-Right

From the devastation emerges a chilling vision of a new world order — a nationalist, militarist, irredentist, far-right command of governments, kept in play by obedient media that shape information and exercise mind control.

Israel’s Dilemma
Israel’s dilemma has been how to construct a racially pure state and extinguish the Palestinian presence in the country without the world noticing the genocide. It has found the solution and the world does not take notice. 

A Call to Action
For 75 years and still counting, on each day and in full view to the world, the Zionists have progressed with their plan of a more racially pure state that includes the genocide of the Palestinian people.

Do Americans Have a Genocide Gene?
Remember, it is not a genocide until it is all over.
Remember, Americans never realized their complicity in genocides. Put the two together and we have Americans driven by an uncontrollable impulse to favor genocide.


A Letter to Joe Biden
Subject: October 10 speech - Hamas attack on Israel

I intended to address this letter to the President of the United States. By reading a speech prepared for you by the Israeli embassy, you forfeited that title. You are Joe Biden, lackey for apartheid Israel.

Goodbye to Political Zionism, Hello to Religious Zionism
Zionist Israel’s Faux Pas
Led by the Mizrahi and Orthodox Jews, Religious Zionists have taken over the Zionist agenda and might intend to fulfill the boundary proposals expressed at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference

Irredentism and the Palestinian Crisis
It is not only Settler Colonialism

Defining Zionism as an Irredentist movement and subjugation of the Palestinians as a result of irredentism is not mere polemics; it is the most essential feature in understanding the past, present, and future of the crises that Zionism has caused.

The Unsettling Settlers
Severely Damagiing Americans
Examine attacks on the Palestinians from the promotions by the underwriters to the actions of the perpetrators and we learn we are all menacingly affected and do not realize it.. 

Ever Again
Setting the Stage for the Genocide of the Palestinian People
Israel still has plenty of land for population expansion and its preference to expand by stealing land from Palestinians indicates that nonchalantly making others invisible is a metaphor for making them physically extinct.

Overstep of Israel’s Supporters
Palestine's Supporters Can Gain Control of the Narrative 

A strategy for Palestinian supporters to gain control of the narrative and successfully counter charges of anti-Semitism enable the moral and legal systems to bring the oppressors’ supporters to justice.

Israel - Farthest Right of the Far Right
The U.S. and major European governments have done the incomprehensible by actively supporting the Israeli far-right governments to succeed and perpetuate themselves

Are the Palestinians Doomed?
Daily reports highlight what is being done to the Palestinians, riveting narratives of the repressions and violence committed against them. More attention is required to ascertain what can be done for them, preparation of a strategic plan that leads to their liberation. 

Letters to Barack Obama
Short and Long of United States’ Destruction of the Palestinian People

Reversing the deadlly contributions of American society to the destruction of the Palestinian people is more than a moral imperative; it is the principle means for guaranteeing survival of the Palestine community. 


  Image courtesy of The Guardian

Innocence of Mahmoud Abbas
Duplicity of Olaf Schulz

Those who struggle to bring Israel to task for its crimes must reveal the nefarious use of the holocaust and spurious charges of anti-Semitism that attempt (and succeed) to shield Israel from criticism. Before the exposure is accomplished, nothing else will succeed in liberating the Palestinians from Israel’s genocidal actions.

 Image courtesy of Times news

The Dark Side of Germany
Documenta 15 and American Institute for Contemporary German Studies  

In a discussion, the moderator is obliged to take a neutral position and serve to lead the discussion so that all sides are properly presented. At this AICGS discussion, if anybody represented Documenta 15 against accusations of antiSemitism, I did not hear it. I did hear its moderator behave as a Zionist representative. 

 Image courtesy of Haaretz

 The Greatest Replacement

What is now called Israel, and should rightfully be called Palestine, is the result of the greatest replacement of the last centuries. 





Israel is a Jewish Problem

Militarized Israel has seized control of the mindset of the Jewish people. Israel is a Jewish problem and the Jewish people, if they want to be considered a just, humane, and peace loving people, have a responsibility to resolve that problem.

Image courtesy of North Texas Daily


Palestine/Israel Crisis Resolved 

Attacking the Israel government is wounding; attacking enterprise Israel can be fatal.





Remember the Name – Sheikh Jarrah

Sheikh Jarrah has left a permanent imprint on history. The world will long remember the name – Sheikh Jarrah.




Image courtesy of

Combating the False Anti-antisemites

Attempt by Israel supporters to engineer a self-serving International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism into a tool for silencing legitimate criticism of Israel provoked a series of webinars from those offended by the insidious behavior.

Image courtesy of Middle East Monitor


The One State – A Critique

 Aware that the One-state is a contentious issue and no plan will satisfy a majority of contenders, Jonathan Kuttab solicited comments to his book, Beyond The Two-State Solution.


Image courtesy of Council on Foreign Relations

Israel as a Criminal Enterprise 

Examination of Zionist behavior supports the label of criminal enterprise.



Image courtesy of Middle East Monitor


 The One-State Deposition Before Imposition

One-state cannot be achieved without changing Israel’s legal and administrative structures -  difficult tasks.  Deposition precedes imposition; destroying the framework that supports Israel allows a new foundation for constructing a one-state,the natural state.  


Image courtesy of 

Crisis Solution - Return the Region to United Nations Resolution 181  

|If the thesis that Israel views the situation as “all or nothing” is correct, then the world has a choice - allow Israel to gain all, or right the injustices committed by Israel, which means returning to a more proper 1947 Partition Plan 181.


Image courtesy of World Politics Review


The Night Has Fallen Down
Rim Banna


We Never Left Palestine 
A poem by Susan Abulhawa

Story Of Palestine
Emma Askar
Sings For Palestine   

Fadwa Touqan             
The Deluge and the Tree

When the hurricane swirled and spread its deluge of dark evil
onto the good green land 'they' gloated.
The western skies
reverberated with joyous accounts:
"The Tree has fallen !
The great trunk is smashed! The hurricane leaves no life in the Tree!"

Had the Tree really fallen?
Never! Not with our red streams flowing forever, not while the wine of our thorn limbs fed the thirsty roots,
Arab roots alive, tunneling deep, deep, into the land!

When the Tree rises up, the branches
shall flourish green and fresh in the sun
the laughter of the Tree shall leaf
beneath the sun
and birds shall return

Undoubtedly, the birds shall return.
The birds shall return.

Khalil Sakakini              

Arab villages in the vicinity of the southern suburbs of Jerusalem -- Battir, Walajeh, Beit Safafa, Malha, Sharafat, Beit Jala, El-Khader -- provided us with fresh vegetables and fruit throughout the year. When I think of Battir I recall the peasant women with straight backs who stopped at our house in the early morning in summer carrying on their heads round, flat, dark-brown baskets heaped high with those purple, longish egg-plants of Battir, carefully arranged in tiers. The names of Walajeh and El-Khader bring back to my mind the sweet "jandaly" grape which was our favourite as children. From Beit Safafa a kindly, round-faced elderly woman brought us freshly-picked young marrows, cool and moist with dew, their yellow flowers still attached to them.

When I think of these Arab villages I cannot help but feel nostalgic for the way of life in Jerusalem prior to 1948. It was a personal, human relationship that connected us Jerusalemites with the villages surrounding the city. I remember vividly the early morning scene during the summer holiday when peasant women, proudly carrying their wares on their heads, would arrive at our house. Father would help them put down their heavy baskets and they would then sit down on the floor and, smiling up at us, invite my mother to pick her choice of fruit and vegetables at leisure.

Fouzi al-Asmar             
Wind Driven Reed

Of what benefit is it, if man were to gain the whole world
But lose the green almond in his father’s orchard?

Of what benefit is it,
If man were to drink coffee in Paris

But none in his mother’s house?

Of what benefit is it, if man were to tour the whole world
But lose the flowers on the hills of his
native land

He gains nothing but deadly silence
Within the hearts of the living.

 You look through the mirror of lands not your own
And see your exiled face;
You recognize your face
Despite the deadly dust of travel
From Jaffa, to Lydda, to Haifa,
Through the Mediterranean to exile;
You recognize your face
And try to deny that face!

You worship your own face
Even though exile has obliterated its
The hangman of the twentieth century
assumes the countenance
Of the eternal face!

 You close your eyes
To worship your face in the darkness of
this century.

You deny…Your worship,
You deny…Your worship,
And the God of truth cries to your face:

He who denies his face
Is renounced by all the birds of paradise
in this universe,
And those whom silence has turned mute
Will never be heard by the roses of the
He who kills the nightingale of his dreams
Will be buried in the forgotten graveyard  
of the living.

You open your eyes
And see the face of your country in the
mirror of exile.  
The deadly silence in the hearts of the
Strips away the skin of your face;
It cuts and dries your flesh,
Then hangs what remains on poles
Under the forgotten sun of the West.



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