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Since the end of World War II, United States' foreign policy can be identified by one word: Counterproductive: producing the very result the action was meant to prevent. The failed military action in Vietnam best represent this ongoing policy.

Often starting with false assumptions and spurious facts, policies produced catastrophes and remained unresolved.The incessant wars for "freedom" turned into killing fields. Wars produced wars and counter-terrorism produced more terrorism.

While trying to structure its own world order, the U.S. remains unaware that it is enabling a new world structure, steered by China and other Asian nations This emerging world structure favors Statism, a mix of government controlled and free enterprise policies; a socio-economic system the U.S. rejects and is indirectly nourishing.

Policies, wars, conflicts, and nations who challenge US exceptionalism are examined and discussed. The past remains relevant and serves to predict the future. With it all, a lingering question: Will US foreign policies ever become positive?

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The Foreign Policies
Why Can't the United States and the G7 Even Utter the Word Ceasefire'?
A Chinese editorial
Only when all conflicting parties immediately cease all hostile activities can genuine peace talks and humanitarian relief efforts unfold.

Proposals to Resolve the World Conflagrations.
From Pyongyang to Kabul, Damascus, Sana'a, on to Tripoli and in scattered parts of Asia and Africa, U.S.policies for containing violence have been counterproductive and intensified conflicts
Part 1 - Democratic Republic of N. Korea
Part II- Syria
Part III - Middle East

Ojo! More Disasters are Ready to Happen in the Middle East
You do not have to be an insider, a foreign policy expert, or a political pundit to realize that theUnited States, Israel and Saudi Arabia are preparing joint military actions against Iran and Hezbollah. 
Silencing anti-war warriors-From Vietnam rice paddies to olive trees of Palestine.
Similar to the peace movements during the Vietnam War, the peace movements throughout the continuing Middle East strife have failed to accomplish their missions.
Now that Syria is destroyed it is Time to Save it
Are actions of Syria's Bashar Assad responsible for Middle East's problems or are actions of Saudi's King Salman and Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu most responsible?
Divide and Subdue - United States' Castration Policy 
European nations and the United States fought revolutionary, civil,and foreign wars to maintain unified nations and now motivate other nations to split apart?
From bin Laden to Baghdadi -- Making the World Safe for Terrorists
An inept war on terrorism has been a bonanza for those who seek a new world order that features Radical Islam as a prominent force.
Get Them Out - Those who cause the endless wars
Unless those who engage in the war against ISIS can "get them out," the campaign against ISIS will always be in doubt.
Politicization of U.S. Foreign Policy
Distinguishing between foreign and political policies will be a forward step in post World War II America.
Failures of U.S. Foreign Policy - 1946 to July 2016 (long article)
United States foreign policy after World War II often failed to accomplish its objectives and behaved counterproductive.
New Statism-Rise of Corporate States
Prophetic- A new statism controls several nations and has potential to control the destiny of the world.
Politics of Dismemberment (2008)
Making others less, makes you more.
Mutual Destruction (2006)
U.S., Israel and Iran-trinity of destruction.
Making the World Safe for Terrorism
Confusing objectives of a War on Terrorism with global objectives complicates the War. 
The Politics of Starvation

Economic warfare - a policy that can silently crush an adversary without firing a shot.

It is More than an Assassination of Qassim Soleimani
Is the reason for the assassination of Qassim Soleimani an act of revenge, or is it one part of an offensive policy of subduing those who could undermine US hegemony in the Middle East?

It is not the non-existent Iranian bomb; it is the other existing bombs
Tehran senses it is in a no-win situation.  Regardless of its decisions and directions,the centuries old Persian lands will be pulverized

Last Nation Standing – Iran
Due to US aggressive tactics, the antagonists to Israel have fallen, and Iran is the last nation standing.
And the Loser is Iran
Netanyahu's scenario follows a pattern of using American lives and clout to further Israel's interests and decimate adversaries.
Should Israel be forced to relinquish its nuclear arsenal if that assures nuclear weapons are not proliferated in the Mid-East?
Refusing to Understand Iran 
Debates do not provide a clear definition of Iran's position in the international battlefields.
The Spotlight on Iran Darkens the World
Maintaining Iran in a line of fire contributes to the widening of the Sunni/Sh'ia divide. 
I Ran from Iraq and I Rack up Iran
U.S. Policies encourage terrorism.
U.S. Policies Motivate Iran to Go Nuclear
When the US sent the Enola Gay to drop "Little Boy," it neglected to plan for a major concern; how to prevent nuclear proliferation.

Troublesome China Bashing
U.S. foreign policies are not developed from facts and reality; they are developed from made-up stories that fit agendas. 
The U.S. Will Assure Taiwan Joins the Peoples Republic of China
News reports have a predatory China trying to take advantage of every opportunity to pounce upon Taiwan and forcibly annex the Island to the PRC. History does not validate that hypothesis.
China Disguised
Agendas, exaggerations, and misrepresentations guide media reports of the Peoples Republic of China (PRC). Analysis of reports exposes the distortions.
A Modern China Rises
Does a rising China signify the end of American dominance?
Tiananmen Square Confrontation
Eye witnesses contradict media reports on the Tiananmen incidents.

The Arab World in Conflict
Reconciliation of Sunni and Sh'ia (2008)

Peace in the Middle East depends upon reconciliation between Sunni and Sh'ia.
Saudi Power
The Saudi kingdom can be the poster child for a Middle East that contains despotic governments and deprives its peoples of basic human rights.
Misconception to Quagmire
: From Sudetenland to Syria land
ISIS must be stopped and so must the U.S. administration's defeating strategies.

















Postscript to Treason
Because the boastful and mercurial Prigozhin surrendered, while supposedly leading a powerful force, it can be assumed he became aware he was about to face a more powerful force and could not win.
The Bizarre Episode of Yevgeny Prigozhin
More complete information on the Yevgeny Prigozhin episode is now available and reports of the event still do not “add up.” What we are told cannot be what exactly occurred.
Ukraine War Shifts to Economic Warfare
Escalating economic warfares, in which the Russian military pounds economic targets and NATO sanctions pound the Russian economy, have become the decisive and deciding strategies of the war. 
Ukraine – Sacrificial Lamb 
The final outcome of U.S. diplomacy in resolving Ukraine’s crisis will have Ukrainians dead and their country demolished in trade for weakening Russia economically.
The Russians Did It
The Russian socially directed activities have not been shown to create any additional divisions. However, extensive discussion of alleged Russian interference has greatly added to the existing political and social divides. 
The Division of Ukraine
Mindsets of East and West

Europe is being remapped to stop at Russia's western border, while creating a new Asia that ranges from Shanghai to St. Petersburg.
Putin vs. United States Administrations
Putin's Russia has, except for Syria, only interfered in conflicts that involve rights of Russians in neighboring countries.
When in Trouble, Sanction
Why does Washington use sanctions, an unlikely route to a desired result and one that harms its own interests? 
Who is in Charge of the Madhouse? 
If comments by U.S. officials and media guide U.S. policy toward Ukraine, its time to ask: "Who is in charge of this madhouse?"
Kiev - Last Stop on the Road to Russia
Ukraine crisis sheds new light on the origins of the Cold War and post War arrangements.
Crushing Vladimir Putin
Media appraisal reflects State Dept. attitude. 
Gulag Revelations
An intrepid researcher documents a portrayal of the Soviet labor camp system.

Soviet/Afghan War from Soviet archives 

Revelations from the Soviet Archives
Wandering 40 Years in Afghanistan's Desert
Assumption that the Taliban can, by itself, effectively govern a nation divided by conflicting tribal loyalties and a partially  reconstituted population, with a sharply contrary mindset, needs more validation.
Understanding Pakistan
If Pakistan were Homo sapiens, it would have gone bonkers a long time ago.

The Foreign Wars

Purposely Misunderstanding Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea
Keep it sweet and simple, let the Koreans settle their problems, and we will see doves flying over the Korean peninsula.
Doves Flying Over the Korean Peninsula
Events indicate North and South Koreas realize this is the time for them to resolve their difficulties. On sunny days, along the Sea of Japan, flocks of white doves have been observed. 
Comprehending North Korea
Comprehending North Korea's behavior will start softening North Korea's aggressive posture.
Origins of Korean War from Soviet archives
An Interpretation from the Soviet Archives
The Tale of Two Koreas 
Films explain Korean war

NATO Conquers Libya

Those who regard NATO's attack as preventing a massacre are as naive as those who believed that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.
Misshaping the Middle East

The Libyan example
The U.S. Bombing of Libya

Part I = Historical From Soviet archives
Part II - A personal Narrative

Iraq From 2001 to 2011
The Muqtada al-Sadr Dilemma

A perspicacious 2007 article that predicted al-Sadr's ascendancy. When will the U.S. adminstration and State Department know how to read the tea leaves and design correct policy? The Destruction of Iraq
Attempting to establish a regime that is partial to American interests, threatens the economic, cultural and social identity of a defenseless Iraq.
War On Iraq 

A series of reports examine the Iraq war.
Coming Battle - Iraq's Kurdish Region (2007)
Since the fall of Saddam Hussein, the Kurds are stronger and more unified - but not enough. 

From Conflagration to Disputation (2005)

Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq
Who Destroyed Yugoslavia? (2005) 
The Serbs Speak