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Alternative Insight attempts to be evolutionary and revolutionary. Articles don’t become obsolete but are arranged as part of an evolutionary process with past articles remaining relevant and their content playing a role into the future. Combating hype and conditioning by presenting an insight that is alternative to conventional media. Solving the world's problems, one article at a time.


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Bernie Sanders and the Affirmation of Socialism in America

Courtesy of Prose befor Hos

Will it be cooperative spirit
Bernie or rugged individualist Donald advancing socialism? Republican policies have caused the major economic calamities -- Panic of 1907, Depression of 1930, and Great Recession of 2007 -- and triggered socialized legislation. History has spoken, if you want more socialism vote Republican.

Putin to the Rescue?

Courtesy of http://democracyinactionblog.com/

Rumor and fabrication that fit agendas and cater to audiences depict Russia eventually supplying fighting troops to assist the Assad regime. This may become true in the future, but facts and logic in the incipient stage do not support this thesis.

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Republican Party - among losers a few possible election winners

Caricatures of Republican presidential candidates by DonkeyHotey with Flickr Creative Commons License.

Republican Party leaders hope the polling votes will not translate into primary votes and the primaries will select the most qualified candidates.

Emergence of the Real Israel

Altthough it may not seem evident, Israelis
have a national identity that is less than and
more artificial than the Palestinians and not
total trappings of a nation state.


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And the Loser is Iran

Courtesy of http://www.enduringamerica.com/

Netanyahu's scenario follows a pattern of using American lives and clout to further Israel's interests and decimate its adversaries.

From bin Laden to Baghdadi -- Making the World Safe for Terrorists

An inept war on terrorism has been a bonanza for those who seek a new world order that features Radical Islam as a prominent force.


Get Them Out - Those who cause endless wars

Unless those who engage in the war against ISIS can "get them out," the campaign against ISIS will always be in doubt.

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