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Government Lack in Iraq Enabled the Attack
Intelligence and governance were missing


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Can a Muslim foreign legion with limited training, have sufficient manpower, firepower and logistical support to sweep through Iraq, defeat a well equipped army of 120,000 in the area, and administer a city of 2 million? We know it has happened, but there must be more to it.

Syllogism of Death

In the war on Gaza, commentary has presented causes and actions as gut reactions to unforeseen events. Explaining the attack on Gaza by logic, reveals a syllogism of death.

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The Battle for Income Equality

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Karl Marx claimed that Capitalism contains the seeds
of its own destruction. Those who foster income inequality and inequitable wealth distribution
apparently want to prove that the statement is entirely correct.

Re-examination of Productivity and Wages
A New Look at an Old issue

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Lowering prices as a function of productivity and maintaining wages enhance domestic production and employment. The former stimulates exports and the static labor rates dissuade outsourcing and spread the jobs to more workers.


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Stalled talks with Iran might pose another question: Should Israel be forced to relinquish its nuclear
arsenal if that assures nuclear weapons are not proliferated in the Middle East?

Deceptive Route to a One-State Solution -- an all Jewish State

Israel's expansion cannot be prevented by confronting its "inside," It must be stalled by confronting its "outside," which spreads propaganda and gives sustenance to oppression.


The Sepoy Mutiny and the Middle East Peace Process

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Explaining the unusual growth of Israel and predicting
its future solicits comparisons between the Zionist
adventure and previous historical episodes

The Politicization of United States Foreign Policy

Image Source: www.costaricantimes.com/tag/global-war-on-terror

Distinguishing between foreign policy and military policy and distributing resources to enhance
success in both areas will be a forward step in
post World War II America.

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