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Alternative Insight attempts to be evolutionary and revolutionary. Articles don’t become obsolete but are arranged as part of an evolutionary process with past articles remaining relevant and their content playing a role into the future. Combating hype and conditioning by presenting an insight that is alternative to conventional media. Solving the world's problems, one article at a time.


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Did Banality Cause ISIS?

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Who is more threatening to the United States, the former Hussein and present Assad regimes or the Islamic Caliphate?

Beware of Economic Textbooks

Protests by British university economic students highlight the notion that economic education is dominated by theories that defy practical applications and applications that can not predict, prevent or ameliorate periodic economic crises.

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Part II: The Jewish Caliphate

A newly formed comparison between Israel as a Jewish state and the pretended Islamic Caliphate, has the former containing aspects associated with ISIL's version of a caliphate, but without the caliph. This does not imply that Israel's operations equate with those of the brutal ISIL.


Part I: Israel's actions compared to those of the Nazi State

Continuous Israeli attacks on the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, and the large number of civilian deaths, especially children, have prompted comparisons between Israel's actions and those of the German Nazi state.


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Misconception to Quagmire: From Sudetenland to Syria land.

ISIS must be stopped and so must the U.S. administration's defeating strategies.

Syllogism of Death

In the war on Gaza, commentary has presented
causes and actions as gut reactions to unforeseen events. Explaining the attack on Gaza by logic, reveals a syllogism of death.



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Stalled talks with Iran might pose another
question: Should Israel be forced to relinquish
its nuclear arsenal if that assures nuclear weapons
are not proliferated in the Middle East?

Re-examination of Productivity and Wages
A New Look at an Old issue

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Lowering prices as a function of productivity and maintaining wages enhance domestic production
and employment. The former stimulates exports and the static labor rates dissuade outsourcing and spread the jobs to more workers.

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